Snow White and the Huntsman


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Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman
Sam Claflin as William
Charlize Theron as Ravenna
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 4 / 10

A lesson about casting errors and poor character develop

It has been common to release films that seek to update old fairy tales, which seem to have gone out of style. So we never quite know what we're going to find when we're going to watch a movie based on a fairy tale: personally, I still prefer movies closer to the original tales but my taste, I acknowledge, doesn't seem to agree with the preferences of most people. However, I liked this movie, and it seemed to me good enough, turning the original tale into a story about revolt and resistance, in which the princess turns into a political and military leader, a mixture of Martin Luther King and Joan of Arc. This has its merit and its potential, although I think it was an option that wasn't taken to improve the film but only to transform the fragile princess of the original tale in a woman more acceptable for today's youngsters, removing the misogyny with which feminists usually accuse traditional tales. Nothing against, but if that was so, it was a good choice made for the worst reasons.

Although I enjoyed the film overall, there are points in the story that I think the script sank, starting with love. The film shoots in all directions and misses all: the love story between the Princess and the Prince is never more than a teenage platonism while all the attempts made to suggest an infatuation of the Huntsman end up looking ridiculous for never materializing in something. Another problem is the Dwarfs, who have been stripped of their dignity and transformed into mere props, very convenient for solving one or two complicated situations but totally irrelevant to the story itself.

Visually, the film is wonderful but that was to be expected in a film with much of its budget was for technical issues. The CGI is good but sins because its excessive, being so strong and abundant that at times it becomes clearly unrealistic. Its great, but we never feel danger or fear... this is evident in action scenes, where fightings looks like dances. I liked the medieval look, reminded me a little "Game of Thrones". Cinematography, sets and costumes also fit very well and was magnificent, especially with the excellent soundtrack, by James Newton Howard.

As far as the actors and characters are concerned there is so much to say that I decided, contrary to my writing habits, to leave the subject to the end. I may start by saying that I find the characters generally undeveloped. The only characters that really get room to develop are Queen Ravenna and the Huntsman. Both have some common characteristics, like their painful personal past, with very strong psychological notes. This allowed the actors (Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth, respectively) to have better material to work with, which had an immediate impact on their performance. In fact, Theron dominated the film, in one of her best performances to date, while Hemsworth proved to be able to do much more than he did in "Thor". All the other characters were very vague and had no personality at all. The dwarfs, as I've already said, were stripped of relevancy, so the actors who gave them life (some of them as prestigious as Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane or Ray Winstone) didn't have much to do. Sam Claflin also tried to do something good but his character seems to exist only to "fill the sausage" (as we usually say in Portugal when something is placed only to occupy an empty space) and therefore is quickly discarded. The same thing applies to Sam Spruell, whose character is totally redundant.

And what can we talk about Kristen Stewart, who played the lead role? Personally, I've always disliked this actress. Those who watch her early works ("Zathura", for example) are able to see some potential, but the truth is that she wasn't able to develop it and become a good actress. She was very deified by "Twilight" in an irrational attitude by fans driven by the impulse and not by an analytical judgment. Personally, I have nothing against her, I just think she's in the wrong profession, has no talent and is not as pretty as people say. She has a very strange look, being too thin and having such weird eyes that remind me of a half-dead lamb. As an actress, she looks like an ice-cold robot, being unable to create some chemistry with her colleagues or showing a trace of human emotion. So the choice of this girl for the lead role was an epic casting error, only amenable to an explanation: the attempt to conquer the audience that liked "Twilight" and turned the girl into a teen idol. Its the only explanation for a decision that completely ruined the main character and compromised the entire film. I think it would have been preferable to continue the whole movie with little Raffey Cassidy (the little girl who gave birth to the main character as a child), who made an excellent interpretation. Since they changed the whole story, why not?

Moral of the story: there is no love equal to the first one. Those who grew up listening to the original tale will never do without it in favor of a modern rereading. Visually great, the film is an unbelievable but gorgeous CGI overdose, with a remarkable but under-appreciated cast, poorly developed characters, a great Charlize Theron and a satisfying Chris Hemsworth. Unfortunately, a casting error compromised all the movie and, instead of a great actress in the lead role, we had Kristen Stewart, who I eagerly want to see spending more time fishing than acting.

Reviewed by Eddie Cantillo 6 / 10

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Snow White and The Huntsman (2012) Starring: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Bob Hoskins, Sam Spruell, Johnny Harris, Brian Gleeson, Vincent Regan, Noah Huntley, Liberty Ross, Christopher Obi, Lily Cole, Rachel Stirling, Hattie Gotobed, Raffey Cassidy, Xavier Atkins, Izzy Meikle-Small, Anastasia Hille and Elliot Reeve Directed By: Rupert Sanders Review THE FAIRY-TALE IS OVER This is one of the films that ran for a little while I feel was trend of taking classic fairy tales and making them darker and turning them into big action films, this is one of them. It's got Kirsten Stewart who does not have a good reputation in the film world what for being in the Twilight movies. Ugh those hunks of garbage. But if you told me I would enjoy watching this I would have called you crazy, but I thought it was quite fun. After the Evil Queen marries the King, she performs a violent coup in which the King is murdered and his daughter, Snow White, is taken captive. Almost a decade later, a grown Snow White is still in the clutches of the Queen. To obtain immortality, The Evil Queen needs the heart of Snow White. After Snow escapes the castle, the Queen sends the Huntsman to find her in the Dark Forest. The Huntsman betrays the queen wishes and teams up with Snow White and trains her for battle to take down the evil queen. I like the idea of this film, still not a great main lead choice though. Snow White is supposed to be pure and filled with wonder, yet still strong and fierce in this movie. But every-time we see her she looks like she just woke up from a coma. Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman that seems like a good choice but he's just playing the same type of character as he did in Thor. Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna was the best performance in the movie. She was a great casting choice and villain in general. The pacing was a little bit of an issue it felt a little drawn out. Like that scene where she's thought to be dead and the Huntsman is talking to her, that went on way too long for my taste. The CgI was pretty good and the action scenes are great. It would have been great to see more of the dark forest, I mean they face one giant troll and that's it? Pretty weak don't ya think? I would have expected for there to be dangers around every corner for a place known to the land as the dark forest. Rupert Sanders does a fine job directing the film but some of the scenes in the end are shot a little close when the battle inside Ravenna's castle is going on but aside from that he does pretty good. They opted to make a fun dark fairy tale film and with that they succeeded. Snow White and The Huntsman is a very flawed film but it can still be enjoyed for some, with one poor performance, bad writing on The Huntsman a bit of pacing issue yet still a fun decently directed film with a great villain and performance from Charlize as the Villain I'm giving this a three out of five.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"...and only by the fairest blood is it undone."

When I watched the 1937 Disney "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" a few years ago, I was startled to see that the Evil Queen commanded the Huntsman to bring her back the heart of Snow White in a box. Thinking about that, and relating it to the present day requirement so many college students have of acquiring safe spaces to avoid such nasty information, I have to wonder if there will be a clamor to censor those old Walt Disney animated films along with tearing down statues of Confederate Generals. It shouldn't take long, keep your eyes and ears open for it.

Well, there seems to be a preponderance of negative reviews for this film here in the IMDb viewer comments, probably running about ten to one against. Some of the critique is valid, but a lot of them simply parrot a standard line about Kristen Stewart's acting ability, lack of emotion, bad dialog, etc. Personally, I thought the cinematography and costuming brought the formerly animated tale to life in a credible and exciting manner. Charlize Theron's Evil Queen Ravenna was the picture of evil incarnate, while Chris Hemsworth delivered his character, The Huntsman, in a solidly conflicted manner. Of the three principals, I do concede that Snow White was the weakest, and Kristen Stewart would not have been my first choice for the role.

The most intriguing part of the picture for me was that walk through the fairy Land in which the dwarfs accompanied Snow White and The Huntsman. The CGI involved in creating the animal and plant life looked quite extraordinary, and the white hart looked stunning. I didn't realize that the dwarfs themselves were shrunken down versions of established actors, though the resemblance of Beith to Ian McShane made me realize something was up. So that was an interesting element in the picture as well.

I guess what I try to do is find something good to like in just about any picture and this one has it's pluses against all the minuses of the detractors. There's also something to be said about being a contrarian as well, and going against the grain. When I see that virtually everyone is piling on a movie, it suggests an element of group think to me, and I feel a lot of reviewers who might have found something good about the picture wound up going in reverse when it came time to write their comments.

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