Snow in Paradise


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tariq T 9 / 10

Good Acting and nice movie for a change

I usually don't write reviews for movies, but this movie really deserved the praise that it should get for a low budge film out of the U.K. The acting superb and the plot was just as nice. But in all honesty the film could have been better, but what its worth its still a good movie to see. Don't let the other poor reviews disuade you in not watching this film. It has potential and with more money it could have been excellent. The main thing which is liked about this film was really the acting from the actors I never heard of. The main character has his is ups and downs, and the movie does an excellent job of show casing it.

Don't just take my word for it, give it a try and watch it! Cheers!

Reviewed by magnuslhad 3 / 10

Not bad but definitely not a thriller

Dave has aspirations to be a player in the London gangland scene. He brings his mate Tariq along on his first big job, partly to help Tariq out, possibly to massage his own narcissistic ego. The decision to involve Tariq has deadly consequences. Despite the attempt to present Islam in a positive light, and the psychotic nods to Requiem For A Dream, this film is basically just more cockneys on crack waving guns. The Curzon Film World DVD minimalist functions (e.g no extras) further destroys the experience by having no subtitles. The Mockney 'nahfink dahn ma san' dialogue could certainly benefit from them, especially when the soundtrack starts up in tandem with dialogue. One key exchange, when Dave confronts his Uncle Jimmy while carrying a concealed knife, is impossible to hear. Dave seems to want to be a player but makes an elementary, idiotic mistake on his first job. He ridicules Islam but converts a nanosecond later. The last shot too deliberately opts for non-resolution. It feels like Guy Ritchie directing an extended episode of Minder. That is not a compliment.

Reviewed by jmanger85 7 / 10

"You can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends"

First off, this movie is not going to be for everyone and probably not most people. I am big fan of British indie crime dramas so obviously I was excited to watch this film. The script is focused on a young criminal and drug addict named Dave who was born into a life of crime. A series of events leads him to rethink his life and the people he chooses to call family.

The acting, directing and cinematography saved this movie, because the script could have been stronger... although not totally disappointing. All the actors played their roles well with an exceptionally strong performance from the film's lead. The setting of the movie in dreary London added to film's character and appeal. The cinematography was difficult to watch at times due it's drug induced scenes and flashbacks conveying Dave's mind on drugs. This type of cinematography/editing will be tough for most to watch who cannot appreciate the art behind it; somewhat reminiscent of a Requiem for a Dream. At times, I could really feel the whirlwind inside the mind of Dave.

This is not an enjoyable feel good movie by any means, but does give you a glimpse into a life of person who feels his life is at the end of the road at such a young age. Is there a way for this young man to find peace after all? Overall, a solid indie flick that will appeal to those who enjoy the darker side of filmmaking.

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