Sniper: Special Ops


Action / Drama / War

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Charlene Amoia as Janet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Unremarkable Afghan-based thriller

SNIPER: SPECIAL OPS is a low budget war flick following a squad of soldiers as they battle terrorists in Afghanistan. It was written and directed by Fred Olen Ray, so you have some idea of the level of talent on display here. The film was made to cash-in on the success of films like AMERICAN SNIPER although the story feels more like BLACK HAWK DOWN with a bunch of American soldiers pinned down by the enemy and fighting against the odds. The action never seems to leave the same few streets and, while the direction is okay, it's far from exciting or thrilling. Fans of Steven Seagal - if, indeed, there are any left - will be disappointed to see that he's relegated to a supporting role here and takes part in no hand-to-hand combat, while the unknown Rob Van Dam is an unremarkable protagonist and seems to be cast just so the name 'Van Dam' can be sneakily written in big letters on the video cover.

Reviewed by evanbeijnum 4 / 10

Wish it was better but it is not.

After seeing this movie I asked myself why I keep watching Steven Seagal movies? Because honestly Sniper: Special Ops is not good. Actually it is quite bad even for a Steven Seagal movie (if you consider Steven Seagal movies as a genre).

The action scenes are poor so do not expect cool hand to hand combat scenes; there are merely guns that are shooting. But maybe it is a bit strange to expect some fighting from an actor who is an Aikido master (Seagal) and the other one a WWE wrestler (Van Dam)? The story line could be more simplified as there are now too many loose ends. Why didn't they focus on one story line? Also in my opinion there was also a bit too much talking instead of ass kicking action. Good thing is that film has a 83 minute running time so you continue with your life.

Having said that - I also feel kind of disappointed how this films is presented. I do not have issues with Steven Seagal in a minor role, but please do not put only Seagal on the DVD cover as if he is the lead actor. Secondly, I saw also that some DVD covers are containing the name Seagal and Van Dam; I guess they want us to think that Van Dam is Jean-Claude Van Damme. Very sneaky! And lastly -the name Sniper: Special Ops reminds me a little too much of the Tom Berenger Sniper movies.

I guess the answer to the question why I still look Steven Seagal movies is, is that he made some great action movies in the past (Above the Law, Marked for Death) which are dear to me. Even some of the direct to video/DVD I can appreciate (Pistol Whipped, Urban Justice). So I hope I can still expect still some decent movies from him. Please Steven - do not let them exploit you. And in the next movie please play who you are now and not someone who you wanted to be!

Reviewed by misermike 1 / 10

Brand Management Rule #1, Sometimes Its Best to do Nothing...

Netflix subscribers often overlook one of the best perks for having subscribed to their monthly movie streaming library that being, the ability to access & screen prospective movies of interest without being charged a (per movie) fee, and for men w the remote-control in hand, fast- forward boring sections or toggle over to another flick altogether

Btw, the IMDb database denotes that Sniper: Special Ops is 1.24 hours long, which then means that, during our viewing experience, we fast-forwarded no less than a solid 45 minutes of this movie, {due to elongated scenes, dysfunctional editing, rushed takes, inept continuity, spotty acting... And, all-the-while, movie investors/promoters overtly mislead Seagal fans & prospective movie goers that Steven Seagal has a major on screen-role, when in actuality, Seagal's role is considered to be less on screen time than most cameo roles

What is frustratingly sad is the realization that this, 'straight to DVD' movie did not have be be 'called in' from the cheap seats, just to get a 'Seagal Product' in the pipeline. Case-in-point, 6 very short months later, after the release of Sniper: Special Ops, Seagal's team released, 'Contract To Kill' in December (same year) & it was exceptionally well done, containing much of the same intrinsic magic that gave early Segal moves that 'it' factor'.

Don't waste a minute watching Sniper: Special Ops, its 84 minutes that you'll never get back.

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