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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 23445


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Goldie Hawn as Linda Middleton
Amy Schumer as Emily Middleton
Christopher Meloni as Roger Simmons
Joan Cusack as Barb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tarastoker2000 8 / 10

What's wrong with you people?

This movie was funny. Just because Amy's not a skinny-mini prudy rag, doesn't mean you have to tear her apart. And Goldie Hawn was adorable, as always. It was funny; get over yourselves.

Reviewed by cutesd 8 / 10

What's with all the negative reviews?!?

I've watched dozens of comedies far far worse than this one that are rated far better and all I can figure is that the haters really turn out to bad mouth Amy Schumer. People seem to either love or hate her... and if you're the latter, why would you watch this film in the first place? That's like watching a Tarantino film and then complaining that it's so gorey. Hello ... pointless!

I really enjoyed this film! I was not expecting to like it at all ... and the way it began, I thought I was going to be right ... and then it made a sudden hilarious turn. I found it a riot! It had me repeatedly laughing out loud (which is not an easy feat).

I think if you're a 30-somethings daughter or a mother of a daughter you'll really enjoy the dynamic between Schumer and Hawn. They're both fantastic, their chemistry is amazing, the story is solid, the acting is great ... loved LOVED Joan Cusack and really enjoyed Wanda Sykes.

Seriously this movie is a light comedic romp, I don't know why people dislike it so much.

This is a totally solid comedy and fun to boot. Don't listen to the critics.

Reviewed by martinfjord 9 / 10

Give this one a chance, it sure deserves it

I feel like probably the same gang is after this movie, that sort of cyber-bullied her Netflix special, as the score is really, honestly not in line with the quality of comedy this one is.

Having said that, I do think that her last Netflix special was indeed piss poor, very tired, unispired, sort of like the 2nd album of a one hit wonder, so trolling or not, it did deserve a low number. This commedy however, is easly better in every aspect than her first movie, the Trainwreck, whcih was very entertaining too.

If we talking about easy-listening in music, this one is easy-viewing, it starts off with an epic funny, laughing out loud scene and never drops the ball from there. The writing is light but decent, switching between the story being relatable and laughable perfectly. Just how easy going the writing (and hence the whole movie) feels, is well expressed through the fact, that *SPOILER ON* none of the main characters find love. Amy plays a fresh brake-up from a meaningless relationship NYC girl, and her mom in the movie -Goldie- is a divorcee living with a bunch of cats, working on her would think you know where the story goes from here...well you dont:) They dared to go a bit anti-hollywood with the storyline, to an extend where a potential love-interest of Goldie's role disappears from the movie in the funniest, least expected way. *SPOILER OFF*

The acting is spot-on, which is really a great testament to Amy, as she is lining up with acting legend Goldie Hawn and still doesnt fall short at all. The comedy is done to perfection with very well dosed bits of slapstick and smart elements. I have laughed out loud at least 5 times during the movie, and find the whole thing entertaining, and never really tired or over-done.

All in all, it is a safe pick for a movie night with someone you dating (or even made the mistake of marrying:D), or also by yourself, you will get your recommended daily allowance of laughter and will see some beautiful latin-american scenery.

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