Smokin' Aces


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Joel Edgerton as Hugo Croop
Ryan Reynolds as Richard Messner
Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree
Chris Pine as Darwin Tremor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianridd2 3 / 10

A movie you want to like... but just can NOT!

This movie should get high marks for its style, but everything about its style that is likable, was ripped off from Guy Ritchie. The plot is sooo out there, that I can only imagine that the writer, director... producers and pretty much every studio exec was doing more blow than the characters in the film.

I got the distinct feeling that the ending was done in re-shoots. There are only two main characters in the entire ending. And the ending is basically Andy Garcia reading you the reveal, as one gigantic paragraph. Something tells me this was not the original ending.

At its best, the movie is a psychedelic, post-modernist romp through the crime genre. All the usual wash-outs and degenerates from the Mickey Spillane novels are here, but they have a 21st century spin to them. High high marks for Jason Bateman. His cameo appearance is almost worth the price of admission.

The violent scenes are pretty much the best part of the film, and some of them are genuinely tense. But they are filled with glaring holes. Time and again, cops and security guards fail to follow basic precautions and wind up getting killed for it. Alicia Keys and Ryan Reynolds are miscast. Andy Garcia! Holy cow, what does he call that accent? Southern/Boston.

Most of the pivotal events of the film are based around happenstance and freak luck. Without getting into the details, the ending is unbelievably hack and unimaginative. Put it this way, the emotional core of the story is based around a character that we never meet, except in flashbacks. And the inciting incident of the film (the hit being put on Israel) appears to have been a giant misunderstanding. (the guy said they wanted "Israel's heart". They construed that to mean they wanted him dead. But who put the million dollars in a swiss bank account and told every hit man in the Western Hemisphere that they could have it for killing him? Makes no sense) What a rip off!!

High Points: 1) Jason Bateman (is AMAZING, in fact I swear that when he is slapping high-fives in the hotel room, Ben Affleck is struggling to keep a straight face.) 2) The Neo-Nazi characters (even though it felt as though they had been lifted from Big Lebowski and The Road Warrior). Their malevolence is so gleeful that it's contagious. 3) Jeremy Piven's coked-out, paranoid Israel. If there is a shred of human emotional core to this film, this is it. He nails the character, both megalomaniacal and insecure. As his situation becomes increasingly desperate, he sinks further and further into self-delusion. The camera trains on his eyes and Piven somehow builds a universe of frailty inside. It's wonderful.

Low Points: 1) Andy Freakin' Garcia (yeesh!). Speaking of a universe of self-delusion. Watching an actor slip in and out of an accent is like listening to a guitarist play out-of-tune. But it is clear that Andy Garcia is utterly convinced of his own prowess. Sad. 2) Guy Ritchie rip-offs everywhere 3) Movie begins and ends with tons of back story given in paragraph form. Always a bad sign. 4) The sense of time is extremely distorted (I swear the skinheads were riding the elevator up to the penthouse for twenty minutes) 5) The cops and security guards in this movie are only one step above Keystone Cops. Bumbling idiots who fall for the flimsiest deceits. 6) There are at least five characters who take a ton of bullets, and somehow live through it. And when I say a ton of bullets, I'm talk ten to twenty at point blank range. One is difficult to believe, but it happens over and over again. 7) Everything about Alicia Keys' exit from the building is contrived and impossible to believe. 8) The writer and director seem to treat story like style and style like story. The story behind this movie is confusing at best and ridiculous and contrived at worst and serves only as a silly excuse to get Nazis and Lesbians and coke-heads and cross-dressers together for an orgy of violence and cool dialog.

Reviewed by Floated2 3 / 10

Overload of characters and messy

Smokin' Aces is a violent crime action thriller which has been reminded and compared to Pulp Fiction and Quentin Tarantino's style of film making. This film is an overload of multiple characters and it shifts from scenes very quickly. The story is relatively simple yet confusing and not too interesting for an ensemble of crew. The main problem is the ensemble of characters and very few to root for, which most of them are unlikable and not too interesting. The film is quite entertaining at some aspects but overall drags on as a violent mess. Jeremy Piven arguably steals the scenes he is apart, portraying his similar character as in Entourage, as well as Ryan Reynolds being part of the main focal point and protagonist.

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10

Action and violence as just about everybody go after Buddy 'Aces' Israel

Buddy 'Aces' Israel is a Las Vegas magician who had become a little too close to the Mafia; at first he just enjoyed hanging out with mobsters then he wanted to become one and finally he has a choice; go to jail or inform on the mobÂ… in particular Primo Sparazza the brutal leader of the Las Vegas Mob. Soon there is a million dollar bounty on his head and a variety of hit men (and women), bounty hunters and the FBI are converging on his penthouse apartment in a Lake Tahoe hotel. When they get there all hell will break loose.

For the most part this is a fairly routine action film; it starts well with the explanation of the main plot and introduction of the numerous people we assume will be the main characters. A few of them don't really last long enough to be considered main characters though. They are a varied bunch; a pair of FBI agents who think taking Buddy into custody should be a relatively routine assignment; a pair of female assassins; a trio of somewhat insane killers; a few independent killers; a group of bounty hunters; Buddy and his entourage and mention of the mysterious 'Swede'. During these introductions we see flashbacks of some of their previous work. Once the action in Tahoe gets started it is quickly turned up to eleven and it is anybody's guess which of our protagonists will survive. The cast includes plenty of familiar names including; Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta and Ryan Reynolds they all do a decent enough jobs although for me the most memorable characters were played by singer Alicia Keys, on her acting debut, and Taraji P. Henson as the hitwomen Georgia Sykes and Sharice WattersÂ… this may have been aided by the fact that the latter's weapon of choice was a massive fifty calibre rifle! As the film reaches its end there is a twist that is a bit unnecessary but wasn't enough to detract from the film. It must be noted that this film isn't for the squeamish as there is a lot of bloody mayhem which is often brutal rather than just over-the-top. Overall though I'd recommend this to anybody wanting action, a degree of comedy and isn't easily offended.

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