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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kapecki-51036 5 / 10

Effective Eco-Horro by the Numbers

The paint-by-numbers plot of "Slugs" is hardly innovative, even for a horror movie: chemical wastes generate mutated, flesh-eating killer slugs in a small community whose authority figures refuse to believe the stalwart head of the local health department until it is too late. Our heroes are on their own to devise a way to kill the beasties and do so with explosive vigor and sacrifice...except. And although the film was made after Roger Corman left New World, it has his trademark drive-in blend of teen sex, blood, and gross-out makeup effects.

But the direction is tight, efficient and never lagging, with good production values within its budget and mostly competent acting and dialog that lets the clichés roll. Special effects are quite well done (if generally repulsive), and the small town atmosphere (exteriors were primarily filmed in the upstate New York town of Lyons) is effective.

Slugs is an above average entry into the low budget eco-horror genre, good for those who still miss Saturday night at the drive-in.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10

Slugs, muerte viscosa: Grisly but entertaining

A movie about killer slugs? Yet still not even close to the weirdest film I've seen lately.

Slugs tells the story of a new breed of carnivorous slug that besieges a small town and the people stepping up to combat them.

As ridiculous as the concept sounds the execution makes it really quite convincing and the movie is not for the faint of heart.

With some very grisly effects, a lot of gore and that squirming under your skin vibe I was impressed how they made slugs a legitimate seeming threat.

Though the movie is entertaining it's sadly not without its flaws, the soundtrack is ridiculous and would be at home in a 70's sitcom but not a serious horror movie like this.

Credit where credit is due the folks behind Slugs did a great job considering the subject material, but make no mistake this is the very definition of B-movie.

The Good:

Effects are quite decent

Has aged remarkably well

The Bad:

Concept is still a stretch

Music doesn't fit the movie at all

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Slugs are just homeless snails, maybe that's why they were so mad

Reviewed by thesar-2 8 / 10

Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!

Thanks, Bekah! What a fun time this was!

I listen to a horror-movie podcast daily called Shockwaves. On it, 3-4 hosts comment on movies they saw that week and one cohost in particular, Rebekah McKendry, talks about Slugs almost weekly. It's her "guilty pleasure," though they try and shy away from that term.

I'm a huge When Animals Attack films fan. Cheese, sure. Realistic, eh. But, when these creature-features cross my path, I just enjoy the sh|t out of them.

This movie, I've been told (Thanks, Kevin!) was unintentionally hilarious. In the first few frames, it's rock-solid LOL. One could look at this, in those opening shots on a boat with the male-half being sucked into the water by some 3-inch slugs as a bad-bad film, but because it, and the dialogue, was so hilarious, I was instantly on- board.

Apparently, previous toxic waste created these mutated, meat-eating slugs and they proceed to terrorize an "arm-pit" town. Of course, we have our government employees hot on the case to exterminate them!

I've seen my share of When Animal Attacks films. They're all pretty much the same, like the ghost stories of late. But, this one stood out. Quite a bit, in fact. There were tons of creature attacks. More than the norm for these 80s horror subgenre films. And in a lot of the cases, the gruesome factor was at 10, like they were really trying.

It's bad, sí. But, it's so painfully on target for this type of film, it's thoroughly enjoyable. You MUST like When Animal Attacks movies and bad 80s dialogue to get into it, but if you're like me…you'll slug right past the bad to get to the goods.


Final thoughts: Now, watch Squirm via the MST3k version. The same type of movie, but the MST3k guys really bring that movie to life.

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