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Ivana Milicevic as Sarah Tanner
Sean Astin as Stuart Conway
Vinnie Jones as Winston Briggs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jerrycrow44 1 / 10

I bought this DVD at a thrift store for a buck and I want my buck back

Horrible. One of the worst movies I have ever watched. Actually I only watched half, I couldn't take anymore than that. Nothing was good about this "film" apart from the plot which sounded great on the DVD jacket. The Director needs to learn how to do his job. The writers of the dialogue need to be banned from ever putting word to paper again. The actors could have ruined their careers with this. I like Sean Astin for his roles in films like LotR and Rudy. So I know he's better than this. At the time of my writing this review the "film" is 12 years old. Even though most people who would have watched it have done so, I feel an obligation to society to try and make sure nobody else wastes time and money, even if you find it for a buck like I did, on this garbage.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 9 / 10

A big Surprise!!!

Saw this film today and it was great i liked the humor and the 3 leading actors it had too much action and a lot of time travel also some things reminded me of The Terminator Series and other sci-fi movies. For a low budget movie it had even some descent cgi and the slow motion scenes were pretty cool i don't understand the low rating i have seen worse movies than this. Overall it was a big surprise for me it had a lot of laughs, some great characters and even tho the story isn't something original it was a good action flick even if some of actors didn't have a good chemistry (the 2 cops for instance) it was a good film and i'm glad that i spend my time to watch it. Final Rating: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 5 / 10

Lame time travel with an unsupported story, and lost actors.

They had me at time travel, but they lost me with a terrible story. This 2005 movie is really dated, and not really something that you can enjoy today. I like Vinnie Jones´╗┐ and I think we all like Sean Astin´╗┐, Ivana Milicevic from Banshee is in there too, and between the three of them you would expect something much better. From the start the story is just a complete mess, and the players are all just running around uncertain of where they should be, there must have been a lot of angles shot for each time loop, but it really seems to have confused most of the actors a lot. The gun play is like an old episode of A-team, as they bullets fly, and only when it is good for the story does anyone ever get hit. Really sorry I missed this one when it came out so that I could now be 9 years older, and have perhaps forgotten most of it, sadly that is not the case for me, and I did not Enjoy this movie at all. I really wanted to like this, and if you asked my Son he would tell you I give time travel movies way more time than they deserve, but because this is so bad, and I'll be more specific; The acting is awful, the time travel is handled floppily, and the action is aimed at those with IQ's in the single digits. So stay far away from this even if you are a time travel junkie like I thought I was until watching this.

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