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Chris Parnell as Mayor Tracy
Paul Scheer as Jack
Hannibal Buress as Hannibal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sweetlilsoprano 6 / 10

Expect a B horror movie

The movie started strong with good music and cinematography and jokes that were funny and explained the world they live pretty well, chance acting was just bad and feel the movie could have been better. The last half really felt like a B horror movie and loses fuel in the comedy which is kinda expected. Don't go into this thinking it's an instant classic. But 100% worth a watch if you like B horror comedies

Reviewed by petera00 3 / 10


The acting is atrocious and the story is all over the place. The pacing is worse... Chance the rapper is not an actor... It's evident by this garbage.

Reviewed by RTJ4-Pls 4 / 10


I'm a fan of the occasional schlocky B-movie, provided it's fun/funny, doesn't matter if it's intentional or unintentional. I knew this movie wasn't gonna be scary, but I did expect to get some laughs out of it, which I unfortunately didn't. It's a mercifully short movie at 82 mins, and yet it felt longer than its runtime.

The cast had some promising names, most of whom were wasted. Zazie Beetz is technically the lead in the movie, but she was criminally under-utilized. Hannibal Buress and the Stranger Things guy barely appeared in the movie. Chris Parnell tried a little. Chance cannot act at all. However, Paul Scheer gave the best performance in the movie, wish the movie had more of him.

I did like the setting of the movie though. A small town with humans coexisting with ghosts as an actual, official part of its population, people going around driving cars and wearing clothes from the 80s but using some technology (like laptops) from the present. It's a shame though, they could've done more with this setting and made a genuinely exciting and fun movie.

Paul Scheer's performance and the movie's setting were mostly the only things I enjoyed about the movie, and they're the reason I'm even giving it a 4/10.

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