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Dulé Hill as Angelo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by screechy_jim 4 / 10

Pointless absurdity

You know, when I see a film where someone chops someone else's hand off, I expect to see an 18 certificate otherwise I think I'm within my rights to be a little peeved. Our lead however and seemed only momentarily phased after being forced to do so by a gang leader that's decided to make him a fully fledged member of his crew. This is nothing to compared to the continued stupidity that follows after he decides to 'cut' the drugs supplied by this same gang leader maniac so he can double his profit from the sales.

Oh yes, not only is our lead(I won't call him hero) incapable of making rational decisions when pressured, that after all would be forgivable, but even in his daily life he's a self mutilating psycho. Only a fully paid up member of the uncommitted mentally deranged would cut away an 8cm diameter portion of the muscle from a shoulder to fit a toroidal transformer. Why? Well, so he can perform magic tricks of course! (don't ask, seriously don't ask) His behaviour is a catalogue of ridiculous decisions from start to finish, but after half way you just accept his IQ would make Elmer Fudd look like Albert Einstein on move on.

The whole technology to do magic tricks is ridiculous. It would have been more palatable if they had left the mad science out of this film and just left him as a magician. Half the stuff he does is every day magic and the other half I've seen from either seen 'Dynamo' or 'Penn and Teller'. It's a little like they couldn't decide which way to go on the fact versus fantasy decision so made a preposterous compromise. It's a total farce. They didn't give him super powers so he could do impossible miraculous things outside the laws of physics, instead they give him bogus technology so he could do impossible miraculous things outside the laws of physics.

This really is a 'paint by numbers' production anyway; the big bro looking after little sister because the parents are dead, the I'm a good guy and do right by people, and only sell drugs to decent folk with good jobs so they can party; the abused girlfriend, the list of clichés is endless so I'll not go on. Its a very lazy effort that smacks of shortcuts, a lack of original thinking and lazy writing. The sad thing is , this had a lot of potential. But, I suppose that is pretty much true of most things in life.

You know I'm not going to continue because I just don't think this film is worth the effort. I will simply state that I don't recommend it... just in case there is any doubt.

Reviewed by Nesdon Booth 2 / 10

Downtrodden but world-class magician resorts to crime and betrayal. Oh yeah, and magnets can stop bullets.

I tend to put a lot of store in Metacritic and IMDb scoring, and chose to see this film based on those. The acting and production values are adequate, but the story is completely preposterous. Not only does it completely disregard any notion of physics. but assigns zero value to the brilliant sleight of hand the protagonist displays, and instead shifts into unnecessary and gratuitous "hood" action. It even largely ignores its own bizarre reality. Worst of all, the protagonist seems to have no moral compass at all, willing to screw anyone without the slightest regret. I give it a two for being competently made, but the script deserves a -10. Disgusting.

Reviewed by dsa-827-486965 3 / 10

Don't buying on fake reviews and bragging trailer

Its not comic "Iron Man" at all, its even not a decent superhero-to-real life film, because second half of movie is a poor absurd, and a plot itself very-very stupid and cheap, and there is no sci-fi - just fantasy and weird fiction, and yes I clearly see where they rip-off this super- ability (anywhere, lol, but plot from... hello mr. Christopher Priest!) and a way they realize it (from Tetsuo Iron man of course - and this funny how they trick all in a trailer, and ONLY because of this I give it a two stars). In all other parts... well its another boring story from da hood, where home-grow HOOdini (ha-ha, okay three stars) sell drugs when he actually can do money from his "magic" and why he do all that he do in second part? Only for a plot! This is stupid. If you want a good indie movie about this "theme" go to "Super" (2010) its hilarious, but some how much realistic than wanna-be-serious "Sleight". "Sleight" really nothing, but waste of your time and this is sad. Like all this 10 of 10 reviews.

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