Sleepless in Seattle


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin
Meg Ryan as Annie Reed
Gaby Hoffmann as Jessica
Bill Pullman as Walter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Saurabh Agrawal 1 / 10

It insults my understanding of love

I rate movies on imdb quite often but very rarely do I review them. This movie was the most ridiculous romantic movie I've ever seen and it forced me to vent my frustration here. It insults the way I understand love. Its not a love story. Its nothing. Its just a story of a stupid child falling in love with a woman coz' her favorite baseball player is the same as his Dad's favorite baseball player. Now, my review has spoilers, but please do read it and save yourself the frustration of going through the movie.

Picture this: Meg ryan falls in love with Tom hanks just by listening to his sob story on radio about how much he loved his deceased wife and writes him a love letter. In fact, thousands of women write him a love letter after listening to his sob story (Really, are women that desperate? Which planet is Tom Hanks living on?).

Now, if you somehow convince yourself to believe that it is possible for a girl to fall in love like that, now picture this: The kid reads all the letters including Meg Ryan's and immediately decides that Meg Ryan is destined to be his new mom. Now what is so magical about this letter? We don't know. All we know is that a)Meg Ryan has not written a letter like this to a stranger before. b) She writes something about magic. c) She tells Tom hanks to meet her at Empire State on Valentines Day. c) She mentions her favorite baseball player and hey stranger, I love you only if he is your favorite too. Otherwise, don't bother. Apart from that we just don;t know what was written in the letter that made the child go mad about Meg Ryan. Now, 99/100 times, characters would read such letters on screen to let the audience know its contents. But here, Meg Ryan doesn't read it out loud. The kid doesn't read it out loud. Tom Hanks literally 'blah, blah, blahed' it. Why don't they read it out loud for us? I'll tell you why. Coz' even the writer/director couldn't fathom what a stranger woman could write in a letter that could make Tom's kid going mad about her look justifiable.

Now, although the kid is madly in love with her after reading the letter, Tom Hanks is not impressed at all. Like I said, he literally 'blah, blah, blahed' it. However, his kid practically blackmails him into meeting her at Empire State. And just to make sure that him holding her hand and falling in love with her instantly doesn't look farcical, the director tries to justify Hank's actions by establishing a 'connection' between the two. It involves him checking her out once at the airport (Men will be men! They all check out beautiful girls all the time. Didn't know that amounts to 'connection') and saying hello to her once on the street and BAM!! There is obviously a connection. They are made for eachother.

Now, that's not all. Both Tom and Meg are dating someone at the time. And they are both perfect. But in order to make them look like obvious dumping material, they are reduced to caricatures. Meg's fiance is allergic to everything and sneezes a lot. Obviously, he deserves to be dumped. SO WHAT, if he loves you and downsized her mother's ring for you? Tom's girlfriend laughs like hyena (Although, I felt her laugh wasn't even that bad. I mean it wasn't Janice bad. Friends' fans would know what I'm talking about). But obviously, its enough evidence to dump her, My Lord! The catch here is that Tom Hanks doesn't even feel that way about her. Its the kid who hates her. I wonder what the kid would have done if Meg Ryan too had a weird laugh like that.

All right. Rant over

Reviewed by coolkunalb 9 / 10

"oldie but goody"

3 December 2017 Writing a review for a movie which was released even before I was born is really funny.

Too bad I hadn't seen it until today... Rom-com is a genre which I rarely engage in

I think the last time I saw a Rom-com was "No String Attached" (2011)

What can I say I really liked this film.It is a simple sweet story. Sam(Tom Hanks), has lost his wife and lives with his 8 yr old son and has recently moved to Seattle, WA. Even after a year and a half he still finds himself missing his wife and pining for love. Then one incident happens which changes everything.

Surely one of the best Romantic movies I have seen so far, having usually seen the Tom Hanks in his Dan Brown films, it was weird for me watching him so young. Meg Ryan plays her part to perfection.

The film is studded with amazing singles from the 80's. I loved the "Make someone happy" by Jimmy Durante.

Go watch it you won't regret it!

Reviewed by Rebochan 10 / 10

It succeeds at what it sets out to do

I won't lie to you-this movie is a CHICK FLICK! Though I never saw it with a guy, it is definitely a chick flick. That said, it's a high-end chick flick, which probably a few guys might enjoy, unless they happen to be the exploding helicopter type^^; This movie feels more like a modern day adaptation of the classic romance "An Affair To Remember," and it keeps referencing it too (In fact, the Cary Grant classic is very integral to the plot). Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have great chemistry together, and they both do what they're good at-Tom Hanks portraying the Everyman, and Meg Ryan being cute and innocent. I have to disagree with an earlier comment that this film is unfair to guys-the way the characters are portrayed, I'd have to say that in the reverse situation, I'd still feel the same way. Meg Ryan does not have the "evil woman" syndrome that popped up in later 90's chick flicks (The most notorious of which was "My Best Friend's Wedding"). She is very believable and actually does care about the feelings of her fiance. What I particularly liked is that the fiance was not portrayed as someone who Meg would do well to leave. Most movies fall into this trap-Someone is about to marry someone who is horrible and find that someone else is better, the viewer supposedly not feeling bad because the fiance was a jerk anyway. Tom Hanks really shines here as someone who has lost the most important person in his life and is trying to rebuild again. He always has a knack for easily slipping into the roles he's given and making them really convincing. He does not fail here-you feel for him especially during the sequences where he starts remembering his late wife. The movie's plot starts to stretch plausibility at the end, but not to the point where it destroys the entire film. The ending scene in particular is handled very carefully. You could have had a big, romantic, tear-jerking moment. Instead, the movie takes a more simplistic approach, and it succeeds-it feels much more natural than the alternative. Overall, if you're in for a feel good romance, you should see this. If you happen to be female, this is DEFINITELY worth watching.

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