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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
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Brittany Daniel as Candice
Eric Balfour as Jarrod
Crystal Reed as Denise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eschlumpberger 8 / 10

My Review

Overall it was a decent movie. Personally im just tired of so many alien invasion movies. nothing but fear porn in my mind. what if we do get first contact and we respond just like lower civilized fools. then they decide to wipe us all out. im honestly tired of the same old crap HolyWeird pumps out. No good educational content just brainwashing MK-1 Ultra garbage. sure its 8 years old but still worth the watch regardless of how poisonous to the mind.

Reviewed by Gibbs Clifford 8 / 10

Good Movie

This is a good movie.... it is different and does not spell everything out for the movie viewer who is encourages to figure out why the aliens are invading ..... and really it is pretty simple

Yet it seems that many people did not understand the purpose of the invasion and why the film was made the way it was

This movie give me some hope that Hollywood can still produce a good movie rather then the rubbish that they normally churn out

Ignore the reviews and watch the movie

Reviewed by bandito 10 / 10

this movie is wayyyy under rated!

7+ for me.

better then many blockbuster .

story is good and acting very decent, good cast.

Aliens are rightly animated .

don't expect too much and you will enjoy!

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