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Daniel Craig as James Bond
Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory
Bérénice Marlohe as Severine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jonathan Esposito 6 / 10

most overrated Bond film ever

the 1st bond movie with Daniel Craig (casino royale) was a terrific film . the plot was great. the 2nd one (quantum of solace) was pretty good. but this film was SO OVERRATED ! the bond villain doesn't come until more than an hour in the movie .

If your expectations are to watch a fun mindless, action summer blockbuster, then I suppose it does it's job. If you're looking for a great spy/action film, with intrigue, suspense, great character development, a cohesive plot, then you will be disappointed. Skyfall gets a little messy and it seems like there are just a bunch of scenes and scenarios strung together because "they would be cool", kind of like an action-film-by-committee check-list was used. Casino Royale raised the bar for me, and Skyfall, just feels like a bit of a mess, lacking the sophistication and depth that was set-up with the franchise reboot of Casino Royale.

Reviewed by pete-smith-33999 6 / 10

What Happened To Bond

I've loved a bit of Bond ever since i was a young lad, but the Daniel Craig era has been so disappointing. James Bond films are suppose to be about a womaniser spy using unbelievable weapons with a good story. Today the films are 1 massive riddle and CGI, they've got rid of most of what was Bond and turned it way too serious, don't get me wrong Craig is brilliant in the roll, but its not Bond.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 8 / 10

Old Dog, New Tricks

Movie Review: "007: Skyfall"

Being in good hands at Columbia Pictures and slowly-recovering Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Eon Productions Ltd. represented by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson strikes the fine line of action and drama with Bond Production 23, engaging Academy-Award-Winning Director Sam Mendes to fulfill the 50th anniversary of the 007 movie series, sharing twists of suspense and elegantly-shot action sequences by cinematographer Roger Deakins, at age 62, with another original screenplay by Robert Wade & Neal Purvis, who get supported by screenwriter John Logan, known for the polished script of "Gladiator" (2000), based on Ian Fleming's life-time creation of the character of James Bond, performed by actor Daniel Craig in full range-playing bestform.

"Skyfall" builds a dramatized relationship between "007" and the MI6-agent's superior "M", portrayed for the seventh times since 1995 by Dame Judi Dench, who together with the leading man delivers an humanized as emotional journey of loss with respect to fallen, believed-dead spies in an high-precision driving pre-title sequence with a traditional chase sequence from a hotel room over Istanbul's streets by car and motorcycle with field action support by the character of Miss Moneypenny, here in an expanding coverage performance by actress Naomi Harris, who follows 007 to his train boarding towards a spectacular roof top fight with the train's full acceleration, when plot surprises sends the audience into a mysterious main-title-sequence with Bond looking, searching, digging and shooting himself into the past of a forfeited childhood under the nerve-striking vocals of singer Adele, setting the tone to one of the best 007 movies since "GoldenEye" (1995), establishing high-profile motion picture quality entertainment for any thriller-indulging audience.

After tension losses with "Quantum of Solace" in season 2008/2009, this Bond movie presents itself in a total Zeitgeist fashion of Fall 2012 and beyond, standing strong and compact in its 135 Minutes editorial cut by Stuart Baird, who makes use of Roger Deakins' remarkable use of color, symmetry and long camera takes in the first ever fully-digital-received visual works for a 007 movie. The editor brings back the classic reservation as well as elegant continuity of "Casino Royale" (2006) or "From Russia With Love" (1963). The audience around the world thanked the filmmakers with upto 50 percent increase in international box office attendance of movie season 2012/2013; also due to a fulminate performance by actor Javier Bardem as Bond nemesis Silva, who together with side-kicking beauty actress Bérénice Marlohe, leads James Bond deeper into a wide-spread network of global-playing entities as snatching tentacles of a soon-to-be-revealed head organization "Spectre". Nevertheless major computer-hacker Silva gives Bond the hardest time in this picture toward a nothing-to-be-wished-for showdown on a Scotish private estate in a night raid of splintering concrete, major shoot-outs, a tunnel escape from a crashing helicopter over to an ice-lake crossing path of the already legendary chapel confrontation in the triangle of redemption between Silva, Bond & "M" under a subconsciously lingering soundtrack by composer Thomas Newman, who reinvents "007" historic pitches into his overall original score compositions accompanied by sensual placed sound design works.

Released on October 23rd 2012 to a world premiere in London, UK under full cast, including further supporting splendor by character performers Ralph Fiennes and Ben Wishaw arranged by long-term Eon's staff casting director Debbie McWilliams, onboard since "For Your Eyes Only" (1981), as well as the filmmakers' attendance, led by accomplished director Sam Mendes, who then eventually overthrow himself with the over-budgeted 245 Million Dollar production of "Spectre" in 2015 to share nevertheless this proudly-received presentation of a James Bond movie for the ages, making its succession to overall audio-visual motion picture satisfactions for spectators from China over the Americas to countries of Europe.

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