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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaapeelman 2 / 10

Unbelievable aviation-nonsense and a wasted 80 minutes

I watched this movie mainly because a guy named "Tuckerworld" wrote a IMDB-review stating that he was a professional pilot for 15 years and that the loved the aircraft-stuff because it was all so accurate. Well, this Tuckerworld was probably an airline-pilot in his dreams because there is nothing accurate in this movie. I have been a professional flight-engineer for 20 years and a pilot for 23 years now and belive me: evrything in this movie is nonsense. For instance: the cabin seems as big as that of a 747, nobody sits in the cockpit when on autopilot, the endurance of the aircraft is unbelievable, changing the air in the cabin is an ongoing process, when the air pressure is gone there is no oxygen but none of the people on board show any sign of hypoxia, the engine is mounted to the airframe with bolts so using an ax to detach it is impossible, flying on one engine takes more fuel than flying on two engines, when the other engine flames-out the aircraft seems to have no gliding-capability which however miracously returns when close to the water, they all survive the crash-landing although in the cockpit nobody wears a seat-belt and nobody was able to open an exit after the ditching and so on. Dear Tuckerworld: you are not a pilot but an asshole and you know absolutely nothing about aviation and I suspect you are somehow connected to the production-team of this movie. The story and rest of the movie, which is not aviation-related, is identical nonsense and I simply refer for comment on that to the other reviews lower than a six. Stay away from this movie and the only positive thing was that it lasted only some 80 minutes but still a completely wasted 80 minutes!

Reviewed by Aldrick Banks 7 / 10

Creative plot,lack of elaborated details,get-by VFX,medium cast.

For the first 10 minutes,you would be thinking it is a low-cost no- plot film showing a bunch of teens indulging their fancy lives:private plane,colored lovers,multiple relationships.Even when the fake cult leader(any cult is fake,literally) appears,there is still no interesting clue at all.It adds a bit flavour when there are mysteriously many planes hovering in the air.And nuke apocalypse,death of cult leader,looking for resolutions to maximize flight distance,and ultimate sacrifice of the leading role does make it a reasonable storyline.But,between these key story milestones,there is few valuable meaningful transition plot.One can just fast forward all the blank in- between time and will not miss any important event.

VFX is get-by,neither high-end nor coarse.

Story creativity is OK.

It would look more delicate and compact if cut to 40 minutes.

Reviewed by thorr-3 1 / 10

The jig is up.......

The high ratings are all from people obviously trying to save it from the real ratings that blast it. to all the high raters that obviously have some connection to the movie - everybody knows by now to look at the other titles that a reviewer has reviewed! And when THIS movie is the only one, a 3rd grader knows to AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE! All 1 reviews then a slew of 10's? If you actually think the public has no clue, and wont notice your only rating was this title .....your an idiot! .........hence shows why you are connected to this film. If you want actual GOOD ratings then associate yourself with GOOD movies. And if your not cut out to be in an at least DECENT film.......McDonalds is always hiring~

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