Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Action / Adventure / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
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Angelina Jolie as Franky
Jude Law as Sky Captain
Gwyneth Paltrow as Polly Perkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 5 / 10

Good special effects and music

I remember seeing the previews for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow when I was a kid. The hype was that it was a completely animated movie, and I thought it was the greatest special effects in the world since the main characters, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie, looked so much like the actors playing them it was impossible to tell they were animated! Well, as it turns out, when I finally saw the movie ten years later, I learned the truth. Despite my protestations throughout the first half of the film that the people in the movie were indeed animated, I found out that they were real. The entire movie was filmed using "green screen"-or blue screen, if you prefer-but the actors were real.

When you watch it, though, I'm sure you'll have your doubts. The entire movie, in addition to using computer graphics for all the background images, used several special filters and finishes that made everyone's faces look photoshopped, which let's face it, they were. You can't see people's pores on their faces and the lighting looks extremely strange. I can only hope the filmmakers chose this design to make the actors look as actors did in that time period, rather than to intentionally confuse the audience. In old movies from the 1930s and 1940s, camera lenses didn't pick up every pore, so Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow looks quite authentic.

You'll also probably be wowed, and rightly so, by the incredible special effects during the plentiful action scenes. The story is set in the midst of WWII, and out of nowhere, giant robots and flying machines pop out of the sky, adding another element to the war. Jude Law plays the title character, and he spends most of the film in his plane blowing up bad guys. You can only imagine the endless possibilities of special effects with a fantasy movie like this.

While I don't happen to like the "steampunk" genre, I was able to appreciate the computer graphics, how pretty Gwyneth Paltrow looked, how pretty Jude Law looked, and Edward Shearmur's beautiful music. You won't see his name until the end credits, so while you're listening to his complex and authentic-sounding score, you'll probably lay odds that it's John Williams. Shearmur's very talented, and I'll be keeping an ear open for him in the future.

If you like movies that rely heavily on special effects, action scenes with giant robots, and a quick banter that stands for romantic tension, you might like this one. It's not one I'll probably want to watch again, but I really enjoyed the cameo from Laurence Olivier, and the last one minute of the film is very cute. What's the ending, you ask? You'll have to watch it to find out.

DLM warning: If you suffer from vertigo or dizzy spells, like my mom does, this movie is not your friend. In every scene, the camera either swerves, tilts, or spins, and it might make you sick. In other words, "Don't Look, Mom!"

Reviewed by UofSciFi 4 / 10

I have seen worse (I think)

I have always like two genres of movies better than all other genres (Historical Fiction/Drama & Sci Fi adventures). So it come to reason that I'd was interested in this one from the first time that I saw the previews.

Then I seen it and discovered that this was more of a concept film than anything. ......And to be frank with you the concept doesn't sell! ! ! The movie takes place in a type of Neo-Futuristic landscape based on the 1930's. I though the story was actually good. and the acting was actually good. The musical score was actually good. but the fantasy- ish pulp fictionized comic book look of the film actual made it hard to watch.(at least it did for me) This film is worth watch one time not going to become an instant sci-fi classic with you. Nor will this film generate enough interest that you'd want to see a sequel(trust me, If they make a sequel I will not bother to see it)This film will never rival/compete with other sci-fi films like the Star Wars, Alien(s), Starship Troopers, Matrix,Star Trek and other franchises seem to produce every time out.

I'm giving it 4 out of 10 stars (And I'm only going that high with it because the acting & musical score are good)

Reviewed by Myriam Nys 8 / 10

would you like some 1930's with that ?

A successful homage to the great adventure and fantasy movies of the 1930's and 40's. The visuals reach artistic perfection, moving smoothly and seamlessly from a black-and-white to a sepia palette and back. (Or perhaps I should say "pseudo black-and-white" and "pseudo sepia", as there are clever touches of a more icy or a more naturalistic color scheme.) The visuals are not only beautiful, inventive and evocative, they are also well suited to the material, resulting in an excellent marriage of style and plot.

Paltrow, Law and Jolie possess just the right kind of matinée idol looks, artfully accentuated by some very flattering costumes.

Do you want to see miniature elephants, doomsday machines, giant robots, submersible airplanes and amazon fighter pilots ? Do you want to hear tales of ungodly experiments and A Knowledge Man Was Not Meant To Pursue ? Do you want to travel through snow-covered Lands Of Mystery ?

Yes, YES, yes ! YES ! Of course you do - admit it !

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