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Jackie Chan as Bennie Chan
Johnny Knoxville as Connor Watts
Bingbing Fan as Samatha Bai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stargazerhu 4 / 10

I dont really like it.

I think, one of the worse camera positioning and movements ever. Firstly I could not see it, annoyed me very much.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

I don't hop so fast

Hong Kong detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) is on administrative leave. He was attempting to bring down businessman Victor Wong, but his efforts proved futile and had a lot of collateral damage. Circumstances lead him to American Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) who has a smart phone that can only be opened by the head of the crime syndicate. Chan travels to Russia to escort Watts back, who doesn't really want to come back. They become chased by the law, the Hong Kong gangsters and occasional Russian which gives us a couple of conflicts between Chan and Eve Torres. Keep in mind this is a Chan movie.

The film starts out like a westernized grindhouse, but with Chan's slapstick fighting style, it can only be a crime action comedy. The Adele number was priceless.

Guide: No F-words, sex, or nudity. Killing, no gore. A "Wikipedia" of Chinese ceremonies and customs.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Better than most of Jackie's recent stuff

SKIPTRACE is a film that comes as a surprise to me. First off, whilst not being a great movie, it's the first Jackie Chan film I've seen in yonks that feels like one of his older classics. It's a light and breezy production, full of silly comedy and action, and a story that keeps on moving so that it never feels dull despite the predictability of the thing. It was made by Renny Harlin, whose career has been less than illustrious as of late, but it's one of his better showings.

The plot sees Chan and sidekick Johnny Knoxville (riffing on his LAST STAND persona, and not irritating at all) teaming up to tackle a criminal mastermind. Most of the film feels like a travelogue as they head through Mongolia and China on their way to Hong Kong. There's plenty of action, including a stand-out fight early on in a Russian doll factory (!) which is just like a classic scene from one of Jackie's '80s movies. Hong Kong cinema lovers will enjoy the turns from Eric Tsang, Michael Wong, and a cameoing Richard Ng, and in the end this is a harmless enough slice of entertainment that's a bit better than most of Jackie's recent stuff.

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