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Jackie Chan as Bennie Chan
Johnny Knoxville as Connor Watts
Bingbing Fan as Samatha Bai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 9 / 10

Classic Jackie Chan Fun!!!

A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal. I was never a huge fan of Jackie Chan but i did always find him a good actor and the fact that he is doing his own stunts was always impressive but lately his movies haven't achieved the impact that they once had and i get it times have changed and he is getting older for sure but honestly i just finished watching Skiptrace and i don't get the hate it received sure it's not a perfect film i mean the story and the comedy at times could have been a lot better but that doesn't mean that it was a complete disaster i honestly think that Jackie Chan's American Movies are way better than the ones he is doing in China and i'm just being honest. Skiptrace had a lot of great action scenes and there was a lot of fight scenes in like every 5 to 20 minutes and that is what i like about films like this , the stunt work was terrific and basically it's a Jackie Chan movie so what did you expect? His chemistry with Johnny Knoxville was amazing and although i think that Knoxville is not that great of an actor he works pretty well done for films of this level and he did a great job in The Last Stand a few years back where he starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also Eve Torres as a Russian chick named Dasha? Was pretty cool too so overall i found Skiptrace a very enjoyable film it had great action, great stunts and the humor for the most part worked plus the twist in the ending added a bit drama to it as well which i liked. (9/10)

Reviewed by stargazerhu 4 / 10

I dont really like it.

I think, one of the worse camera positioning and movements ever. Firstly I could not see it, annoyed me very much.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

I don't hop so fast

Hong Kong detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) is on administrative leave. He was attempting to bring down businessman Victor Wong, but his efforts proved futile and had a lot of collateral damage. Circumstances lead him to American Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) who has a smart phone that can only be opened by the head of the crime syndicate. Chan travels to Russia to escort Watts back, who doesn't really want to come back. They become chased by the law, the Hong Kong gangsters and occasional Russian which gives us a couple of conflicts between Chan and Eve Torres. Keep in mind this is a Chan movie.

The film starts out like a westernized grindhouse, but with Chan's slapstick fighting style, it can only be a crime action comedy. The Adele number was priceless.

Guide: No F-words, sex, or nudity. Killing, no gore. A "Wikipedia" of Chinese ceremonies and customs.

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