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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Amy Poehler as Maura Ellis
John Cena as Pazuzu
Tina Fey as Kate Ellis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jsbrege67 3 / 10

just a cash grab

I guess that proves that women can be just as sick as men. Hollywood is dead and now what passes entertainment is take a women and writer her as a man...

Reviewed by firebolt2-915-144553 3 / 10

Mindless? Check. Fun? Not so much.

Sisters has pretty much everything going for it except that one thing that you really need to make a good comedy - being funny. It's not that I expected much from the movie - mindless fun was all I was after. I did get the mindless, just not the fun.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are about as funny as they come, and it's obvious that they have a great chemistry. Supporting cast are stellar comedic talents too. Except, I couldn't get one decent laugh during the movie. Gigs were off, writing was pretty bad, plot was meandering and the 'characters' were just vehicles for the stars to do what they thought would be funny. It's kind of sad, really - this team can do much better!

Reviewed by Ian 7 / 10

Childhood Home Attachment

(Flash Review)

At what lengths would you, as an adult, stoop to keep your childhood home more than just a memory? Poehler and Fey play adults with parents looking to move and downsize out of their family house. Poehler and Fey are not having any of it when asked to clean out their childhood bedrooms that haven't been touched since they moved out. Now back in town and remembering old friends, many of which now have children, they decide to throw an old school house party as a break from reality. How wild will it get? How much damage will be done? Will the parents still be able to sell or will they still decide to? Overall, this had better humor than most modern comedies these days of the same flavor. With ample crass and lewd moments, there are some actual smart gags and their overall tone is more light-hearted than dark. Unsurprisingly, the core story started to weaken toward the end as they had to deal with the actual plot. If you like the duo of Poehler and Fey, you'll enjoy this.

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