Sinners and Saints


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 4908


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Jolene Blalock as Stacy
Kim Coates as Detective Dave Besson
Tom Berenger as Captain Trahan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mihai689 9 / 10

Sinner & Saint?

I have seen my share of action movies and believe it or not, after checking out the movie's score here, I went out of my way to write my very first review on IMDb.

I've just finished watching "Sinners & Saints" and after doing a quick search for the song playing when the credits were rolling (great song by the way, if anyone is interested look for "Johnny Strong - Let You Go"), I came to IMDb where I usually check and read about movies, and I must say I'm a bit disappointed with the rating this movie had.

To start off, this is no original movie, so don't expect to have your mind blown out of the way and don't expect to see any breath taking plot twists. Though this movie doesn't add anything especially new to the recipe it does a very good job in setting itself apart from other action movies.

I have rarely found myself so captivated by a shoot-out movie. It made me lose track of reality and I found myself cheering for the main character and hating the "villains", which although it might seem like a simple enough premise, it is something that very few of the movies I've seen lately managed to accomplish.

I don't want to spoil anything, nor do I want to set any special expectations, so I will refrain myself from saying anything about the action scenes or character development.

I have really enjoyed watching "Sinners & Saints". It said something meaningful to me, and I think That is the best thing a movie can accomplish.

Reviewed by philsen1982 8 / 10

Excellent, well executed action movie

Well first off I got to say, that movie is seriously underrated. I didn't hear or read anything about it, was just by coincidence I found it.

I didn't have any high hopes etc. before I saw it, but I was surprised by the high review scores it has gotten here. But let me say as much, u wont be disappointed if u like good old, dull action movies. I do.

Especially the shootouts belong to the best ones I've seen since Heat. They are very well choreographed, people are moving like real combatants, holding their weapons correctly, maneuvering realistically with covering each other instead of just running into the enemy fire like retards. Well at least the main actors do. You can see that some thought and training went into these scenes. It is very entertaining to watch. CG is a little bit poor sometimes, but nothing that spoils anything.

I wont go into detail any further, but if u like action and good shootouts u wont be disappointed by that movie. If u prefer solid acting, dialog and depth u might wanna look somewhere else.

Reviewed by Jack 7 / 10

Actually not the worst from that type of movies

When i decided to watch this movie i wasn't expecting much from it, i hoped for something similar to "Street Kings 2: Motor City" but slightly better. As it turned out it was a lot better than that cheap "Street Kings-2" which had nothing common with first part.

Sinners & Saints offers great acting, action, uncensored violence in some places and not boring story line. Don't know if it's good or bad, but there almost didn't have any female actors in film, consequently no sexual or female nudity scenes at all, though a little unusual for the action movie.

I would recommend to see this movie for Street Kings first part, Running Scared and similar movie fans. You will enjoy it!

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