Sinister Squad


Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
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Nick Principe as Death
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alanjackd 2 / 10


So here we have a copy of suicide squad.

Even the poster uses the same colours and style to sell the they expect us to make a mistake and think this is really suicide squad????

that'll never happen.

The thing for me is was made on a budget of almost nothing...bad acting...bad EVERYTHING....

so I ask this.... what is Suicide Squads excuse?? Millions put into it with some big names...and it's as bad as this rubbish.

Both as bad as each other to be honest!!

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10

You need to seek a mint

Good storybook characters capture bad storybook characters and hold them in a big warehouse and plan to use them to fight Death, who has some unknown plan that involves the broken magic mirror. Yup, it is as bad as it sounds.

This is an Asylum film, perhaps designed to be a mockbuster of "Suicide Squad" which they got out a bit too soon. At first I thought this was a sequel to "Avenger's Grim" that no one saw, but this included characters from non-Grim stories such as Alice in Wonderland.

In addition to being an ideal that is not completely sound, the execution was bad in acting and dialogue. It had idiotic "boing" noises as if it was a kid's movie.

No swearing sex, or nudity. Good luck making it past 15 minutes.

Reviewed by j-e-mcfarland-iii 1 / 10

Fool me once ....

Why even bother to have a review section for any films made by The Asylum?

They specialize in really bad knockoffs as a ploy to catch some of the money that will be spent on the real film - Suicide Squad - an upcoming film that is expected to pay off big. It obviously works for them - because they have been doing this for years now ...

I have yet to see anything original and/or even marginally decent come from their studios yet. The movies have no real humor and the plot only loosely, and I mean loosely, follows that of the film they are parodying. They know that once you have paid for the film that it is too late. They don't survive on word of mouth or return customers - unless you let them get one over on you again. ;-)

Next time you see a film with a familiar sounding name - check out who the studio behind it is first. Don't let The Asylum get your hard earned money .....

*If the other reviewer had known this - they would've got the 0 he originally wanted to hand down. It only looks original because they always beat the blockbuster in releasing - they have to or their ploy doesn't work ...

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