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Vincent D'Onofrio as Professor Jonas
Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt
Juliet Rylance as Tracy
James Ransone as Deputy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teddyeb 9 / 10

creepy tapes

Today you do not see a lot of murder tapes but these ones were the best.Pool part 66 was the most disturbing a family being tied to lawn chairs and puled underwater by an unseen figure drowning them , BBQ 79 had calm music and Lawn Work 86 was my favorite overall it had great music and had a jump scare.This movie is a very gripping , dark and suspenseful movie and the other 2 tapes were Sleepy Time 98 which had a family and dog and the unseen figure did not kill the dog but killed the family and Family Hanging out 2011 was a classic murder tape.

Reviewed by Henry_of_Horror 9 / 10

If you can get past the RIDICULOUS plot.....this movie is TERRIFYING

I don't want to give any spoilers.. which is going to be difficult on this one. Home sick and have watched three movies so far...this was the third. It is SCARY AS HELL but one of the DUMBEST plots I have ever seen in a film. It could have been so much more...but it got lost trying to explain EVERY LITTLE THING. The atmosphere is seriously unbelievably thick with tension though.

Huge fan of Derrickson and this is by far better than Deliver us From Evil.

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

I enjoyed 'Sinister 2' so made the move to watch its prequel – to find I'd actually seen it before and had forgotten. I'm not sure what that says about me or the film. It doesn't avoid what the sequel managed to avoid – the curse of the bratty kid. In fact, both children belonging to Ethan Hawke's Ellison Oswalt are pretty obnoxious at times. As Bad Things happen, the children become more precocious. This is a difficult problem, and one that can actually ruin a film for me. Troubled children don't have to be petulant, do they? Luckily, they don't go on to play a huge part in the story.

Earning him the chagrin of the local constabulary, Oswalt moves into the house where previously, gruesome murders have taken place. Unfortunately, his wife and offspring are not told about this history. He has moved himself and the family here so he can research the horrific incidents for a book he is writing. He also finds an ally in Deputy 'So & So' (James Ransone), who is the one cast member to appear in the sequel.

'Sinister' is a fairly routine haunted house horror a couple of notches above the usual 'family in peril' fare, lifted by the performances of Hawke and Juliet Rylance as his English-but-American-speaking wife Tracy. It is somewhat overlong and slow-moving, but I don't really have a problem with that. Oswalt trips down the familiar path of encroaching obsession and insanity, a descent sprinkled with the occasional ghost-faced child. The main villain, the Gothic and spectral Bughuul, makes a fleeting appearance and is pretty menacing, making me wonder why the character isn't used more.

I actually prefer the sequel. The production seems tighter and less traditional, as recompense for a lack of a 'name' lead. Both films have notable musical soundtracks; this deliciously dark OST is by Christopher Young.

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