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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
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John Cusack as Elias Van Dorne
Carmen Argenziano as Damien Walsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by triffidCZ 1 / 10

false ratings

After almost 20 years of using IMDb, I finally decided to register. Why? To get a chance to review Singularity? No. Just to express my anger. Somebody behind this movie (probably the studio) paid for 1000 false ratings to move Singularity up the ladder. Yesterday the overall score was 8.0!!! The best film ever made????

If you open the detailed score, you can immediately see why. Today (11-5-17, day 3 after release) the score is still 7,3 and it is falling down. There are 40 to 100 votes in each level, except for 9 stars level. So far the movie received 9 stars 1300 times. With no explanation, no written review, there are just these 9-star ratings accumulated within 2 days out of nowhere.

Nobody with clear mind can give Singularity 9 stars. At least nobody who saw movies like Hunger Games, Terminator or Blade Runner. Maybe it deserves 3, maybe 5. I am giving 1 for this intentional deception with false ratings. As another reviewer already pointed out, the situation is similar at RottenTomatoes.

IMDb staff: please check the voters' accounts! Are all the 9-star votes from accounts created 2 days ago by some cheating software?

One personal note: The scenes in an empty village with desolated church were shot in my country and that was the only time the movie got my attention (because I tried to figure out which village it may be)...

Reviewed by bkunder 1 / 10

A child with camera phone could have made a better movie

An extreme low for scifi fans. The little amount effort put into this flick is astonishing. No energy. No real fear or feeling ever throughout. Just bad.

Who thought this would work? Why did you produce this?

Poorly executed.

Reviewed by chefdave-61641 1 / 10


This film could have been HUGE !. But it's a crock ! 'nuff said. The one star is for me for getting so far !!.

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