Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
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Eva Green as Ava
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 8 / 10

Another fun, gritty, violence-fuelled ride through Sin City

'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' is a quality sequel to an exceptional, unique film. I gave 'Sin City' 4.5 stars and this film doesn't quite match the first film's graphic violence or pure originality. Having said that, however, there's still plenty to love about 'Sin City 2' - it's genuinely funny in parts, has the same great comic book-feel, with fantastic use of black & white, shadows and splashes of vivid colour to highlight certain aspects of a scene. The use of animation blends superbly with the actual actors and the score keeps everything moving.

Returning from the first 'Sin City' film are Marv (Rourke), Nancy (Alba), Roark (Boothe), Gail (Dawson), Dwight (now Brolin, not Owen), Miho (now Chung, not Aoki), Manute (now Haysbert, not Clarke Duncan, due to obvious reasons) and Hartigan (Willis, in flashbacks). The characters don't get confusing or overwhelming, since the film's basically split into three inter-connected parts. There's Johnny (Gordon-Levitt) and his poker battles with the corrupt Senator Roark, then Ava (Green, who spends 50% of her screen-time naked - not a bad thing!) & Dwight's ill-fated romance, and finally Marv & Nancy's decision to do something about Roark. Almost each of the three parts has overlap with 3-5 characters from the other parts, all handled very well. There's also plenty of great supporting cast - Meloni, Piven, Lloyd, Liotta, Temple.

I really enjoy how it looks like a comic book, but it could easily be the back streets of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. There's some nice tie-ins back to the first film, still plenty of guns, swords and fighting - Marv/Rourke does remind me of Hellboy/Perlman a lot! - all done quickly (less than 100min) and stylishly.

Reviewed by David del Real 9 / 10

+++ The Feeling of the Comic Book with a Small Plus ++++

+++ The Feeling of the Comic Book with a Small Plus ++++

------- ------- ------- ------- Capturing again that sensation from the comic maybe caused by those black and white scenes with some areas in color that make a feeling of cold and shivers travel all the way up our spine, this second part of Frank Miller's Sin City is completely worth-watching.

Being based primarily in Frank Miller's second story from the SIN CITY series, it was actually the one that I thought that they'd have taken to the big screen when they made their first movie as it was by far my favorite and the one that had a more defined central argument.

Continuing with all the good stuff from the first movie, it uses a lot of characters and elements we already knew, we had a conclusion for the tormented tale of Nancy Callahan portrayed by Jessica Alba and John Hartigan (now a ghost), performed by Bruce Willis which was a very logical conclusion to their story. But along all the good elements in the film, foremost I think that Eva Green's AVA gives us an interesting turn to the plot; unlike her comic book counterpart, this AVA never really seems a defenseless damsel in distress which means that most men falling for her can't be really considered victims, as they fell actually wanting to fall; they could have believed anything she said or even still make her will in the case they didn't. That makes her character a bit more powerful and some of the other characters, much less innocent.

As I said I thought that this was going to be the story that they were going to use in the first SIN CITY movie and now that they have finally taken it to the screen, IMO it was completely worth it.

I don't understand fully why it was not as successful as the first part. My guess is that it was not so surprising for a lot of people because most of the characters weren't new and the interesting visual format wasn't new either, nevertheless I think that both movies are more or less equally good, even when I must admit I prefer this second one by a bit.

Thanks for reading.

IMDb Review written by David del Real.

November 2017.

Reviewed by meritcoba 6 / 10

A shallow tale exposed.

Intense torment is part of the makeup of the denizens of Sin City, where people do bad things even if it was their intent to do good. And regardless of their intentions, torment is their due. The city corrupts and twists morals yet despite this corruption sometimes good comes from bad.

This formula made the first movie work but the magic falters in this one because at heart the characters and story are incredible shallow. But this was all hidden from sight by the sheer intensity of its telling. As a concept, supported by some enigmatic filming, fitting dialogue and characters whose plight you care about(mostly John Hartigan and Nancy Callahan) the first movie was great. It was intense.

But in this movie, despite everything, it is the characters that are lacking. The only really interesting person is Ava Lord played by Eva Green and,to a lesser degree, Senator Roark, played by Powers Boothe. The others, even Dwight McCarthy, Nancy Callahan and Gail, seem bland and the latter turned in an extra.

Obviously the casting has suffered at some points. It demonstrates once more how the right actors can change a movie. Clive Owen has been replaced by Jos Brolin as Dwight McCharty, which made for a somewhat indifferent feel. Aiko is replaced by Chung as Miho which definitely changed her character dramatically. Aiko made Miho just look terrifying dangerous while Chung makes her look cute.

The final nail in the coffin is that the movie lacks intensity. What looked awesome in the first looks bland in the second and once you are no longer charmed away from the movie by its intense telling the shallow depth of its story and characters are exposed and thus turns it the lesser movie.

Still, this isn't a bad movie. It can be worse and it certainly is still entertaining even if it was only for watching Eva Green, Powers Boothe and Mickey Rourke.

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