Silent Venom


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Krista Allen as Dr. Andrea Swanson
Tom Berenger as Admiral Bradley Wallace
Luke Perry as Lt. Comdr. James O'Neill
Louis Mandylor as Jake Goldin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alin_1-1 2 / 10

Silent waste of time

As someone said previously, Krista Allen could be the only justified reason that you'll find after watching this film. I understand the idea behind the script, but the delivered scenario was a complete failure, starting from the attitude and the actions of Krista Allen's assistant and carry on with the imminent danger and attack of a foreign enemy. ... Of course, despite having all the modern technologies on their side, it was not possible for the Asian enemy to stop a museum submarine, but hell, you need more than this and some snakes against a schoolboys crew. Acting? Non-existent. Special effects are laughable, if the case, the highlight being the big snakes rolling down submarine's corridors. Krista Allen wasn't convincing as a scientist and neither her qualities haven't been well reflected by a too static role.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Snakes on a submarine

Genetically enhanced deadly snakes get loose on board a submarine on its final run. It's up to tough veteran Lt. Commander James O'Neill (a solid performance by Luke Perry) to figure out a way to stop them before it's too late.

Director Fred Olen Ray, working from a compact script by Mark Sanderson, keeps the enjoyably inane and eventful story moving along at a quick pace, stages the snake attacks with flair, treats the silly premise seriously, and generates a good deal of claustrophobic tension. Moreover, it's acted with zest by an enthusiastic cast, with especially praiseworthy contributions from the foxy Krista Allen as perky scientist Dr. Andrea Swanson, Tom Berenger as the hard-nosed Admiral Bradley Wallace, Louis Mandylor as greedy bumbling jerk Jake Goldini, Anthony Tyler Quinn as O'Neill's loyal longtime friend Eddie Boudrea, and John L. Curtis as eager rookie officer Houston Davies. The cruddy CGI snakes possess a certain lovably low-rent charm. Theo Angell's slick cinematography provides a nice glossy look. Stu Goldberg's robust score does the rousing trick. A fun little Grade-B flick.

Reviewed by djderka 7 / 10

Better than Crimson Tide, this submarine thriller does not take a dive

Yes, this movie in some aspects is better than Crimson Tide. Read below.

The basic plot of Sea Snake (SyFy title)has two scientist breeding and studying snakes on a small remote island for the military. A decommissioned sub is on its way home when it is ordered to divert to the island to vacate the scientist and the snakes, because of impending Chinese maneuvers in the area.

Now the action starts. The snakes some how become loose, don't they always? and threaten the crew and the sub.

Now for Crimson Tide. It is a seemingly good thriller except for one fatal flaw. The constant arguing and bickering and power positioning of G. Hackman and D. Washington in Crimson Tide. I am so tired of bickering in the top staff. Sea Snakes present the military as it is. A chain of command and respectful interaction. For example, when Davies suggest to O'Neill, the Commander of the sub, that they run silent, the Captain says good idea. He did not ARGUE like Hackman would in that phony Crimson Tide. I liked their military cooperation and reasoning which is very real. In fact as a mariner I would serve under O'Neill before I would serve under the nutty Hackman

Also, production values were great, good lighting, composition, steady camera, etc. Except for the ubiquitous cheesy CGI effects. When will Sci Fi producers get the message. I don't know. And the CGI was just as cheesy in Jurassic Park.

Dr. Swanson, was played by Krista Allen, and although she is hot, she was not in a busty top and played the scientist with aplomb.

Does every movie have a scientist that has to "make money on the sale of this specimen back in the real world". God, they are all over the place. Are there really scientist like that? He was the helper to Dr. Swanson and seems uncredited in IMDb. You know, "don't kill the ********, we could use it for further study even tho it is destroying everything in site" type scientist who is in every sci fi thriller.

Did you expect a love interest somewhere on the boat as in most Hollywood epics? Guess what? Didn't happen. As it would not happen in real life.

Kudos to a job well done by Fred Olan Ray, for a realistic portrayal of military protocol and a subdued performance from the actors and not the over hyped "fight club" acting style of most lead characters in Hollywood movies. He sure made the 2 million dollar budget go far.

I thought they would flush the snakes out of a torpedo tube, but such was not the case.

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