Silent Night


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 5 / 10

Don't put it in the comedy genre when it isn't a comedy! Thank you!

I guess I have the honor to be the first one to write a review for this movie. I have a couple questions though. Why is this movie listed in the comedy genre? Because if one thing is for sure it is that you won't laugh, not once, unless I don't get the Polish humor. It's just a drama, a story about a Polish family at Christmas, with their issues and problems. My next question would be, why did this movie won awards in Poland? Is it really that good to you and is there really no better movies in Poland than this one? Because to me Silent Night was just an average movie, nothing to be thrilled about. The acting isn't bad, but nothing special either. It's one of those movies I just watch to kill time and that I will completely forget about it the next day. Maybe at Polish standards this is a jewel, I can't really compare since I think this was my first Polish movie, but honestly it's really nothing special.

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