Silent Night


Action / Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
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Jaime King as Aubrey Bradimore
Donal Logue as Santa Jim
Malcolm McDowell as Sheriff Cooper
Brendan Fehr as Deputy Jordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

A bearded standard slasher.

A small American town pays host one Christmas to a maniac dressed as Santa Claus. Rather like Salem's Lot, this town is frequented by often very flawed characters who one by one, succumb to terrifically staged, grisly fates.

My feeling at the beginning was that Sheriff James Cooper, played by the mighty Malcolm McDowell, who often seemed to magically turn up at the scene of the various crime, was somehow linked to the malevolent Claus. To cast McDowell as a mere Sheriff seemed unlikely to me. Maybe I was right?

Deputy Aubrey Bradimore (Jaime King) is the unfortunate who is seconded to the spree. Anytime any of the townsfolk are 'naughty' - and there are plenty who are - it seems Father Christmas isn't far behind. You can hear his heavy breathing behind his improvised, bearded mask.

The running time is made up of sinners hiding behind a veneer of respectability, suspected by none except Santa. This makes him a kind of red-hatted avenging spirit. The premise and outrageous killings are over-the-top and often quite silly, and yet this remake of the 1984 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' weaves in several plot moments from the real-life 2008 Covina massacre.

Director Steven C. Miller and writer Jayson Rothwell ensure that events are staged in a very television-drama style, and as such, the minor indiscretions of the characters have a soap-opera feel about them. For the ongoing fascination for a truly Bad Santa, this is enjoyable, but a fairly standard slasher.

Reviewed by maxlewis-05644 6 / 10

its ok

So this is a pretty decent but generic slasher but what can you expect for a Christmas horror movie. The acting is campy at times but also works quite well for the humor at times, the gore is fun at times as it seems to be taking the mickey out of itself, but overall an entertaining holiday slasher.

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 4 / 10

Silent Night

This is a loose remake of 80s cult movie Silent Night, Deadly Night, it is the same concept, but there is no backstory to the antagonist, and the real-life Covina massacre (involving a murderer dressed as Santa Claus) was used as inspiration, I was interested if it would be more brutal than the original. Basically in the small town of Cryer, Wisconsin, a mysterious man dressed in a Santa Claus suit, complete with mask, has kidnapped police officer Deputy Jordan (Brendan Fehr), he has been sleeping with a married woman, he is electrocuted to death with Christmas lights in his home. The following day, Christmas Eve, Deputy Aubrey Bradimore (Sin City's Jaime King) is called on her day off by the Sheriff of Cryer, Sheriff James Cooper (Malcolm McDowell), after Jordan has not arrived at work. Aubrey is new to the police force, she is still shaken from the unexpected death of her husband John, she wants to live up to her father, a retired police officer, but she does not think she is good enough. Aubrey was going to spend the holiday with her parents, but instead she goes to check up on Jordan, she is horrified to find his mangled body in the basement, and the hacked-up bits of his lover are found later. Meanwhile, the masked Santa killer is on a killing spree, murdering those who have done something he considers to be "naughty", the next victim is a bratty teenage girl, who is horrible and demanding to her mother, the girl is killed with a taser. Then the killer makes his way to the local motel, where a group of people are making a softcore porn movie, the topless actress manages to escape and hides in a Christmas tree farm, but the killer chops off one of her legs, and throws her feet-first into a woodchipper. Sheriff Cooper calls in other officers, he goes looking for the killer himself, he returns empty handed, while Aubrey suspects local drunken Santa portrayer Jim Epstein (Donal Logue), and the creepy Reverend Madely (Curtis Moore). That evening, during the town's annual Christmas parade, there a crowd of men dressed in Santa Claus suits, Aubrey is unable to identify the killer among them as she searches for him. The killer Santa continues his spree, the next to be killed are the corrupt Mayor Revie (Tom Anniko) and his porn star daughter Tiffany (Courtney-Jane White), then Reverend Madely is killed. At the police station, Aubrey and station secretary Brenda (Ellen Wong) are cornered by the killer, he tries to burn the place down with a homemade flamethrower, but Aubrey manages to overthrow the killer Santa, setting him on fire, but he manages to escape. Later is it revealed that the killer Santa is local chimney cleaning and repair service Ronald Jones Jr. (Rick Skene), he survived the flamethrower attack. Hunting the killer, Aubrey learns that years ago Richard Jones Sr. (also Skene) also portrayed Santa, crashed his ex-wife's Christmas party, and burned alive with a homemade flamethrower, Aubrey's father was the police officer that responded to the situation, and gunned the killer down. But it is found out that Richard Jr. was watching all this the entire time, the tragedy caused Richard Jr. to go insane and seek revenge, dressing as a Santa to avoid detection during the Christmas festivities, it is unclear if he will return to kill again. Also starring Andrew Cecon as Deputy Giles, Sleepy Hollow's Lisa Marie as Mrs. Morwood and Cruise Brown as Ronald Jones Jr. as a boy. The unhinged killer Santa looks much more demonic with the added mask, and the deaths are much more over the top and gory, as with the original, it is a routine slasher scary movie, but it is a much darker Christmas kill fest, a reasonable seasonal horror. Okay!

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