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Adam Driver as Garupe
Liam Neeson as Ferreira
Andrew Garfield as Rodrigues
Ciarán Hinds as Father Valignano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krm-81047 8 / 10

A difficult film to like, and easy one to love

This is a long film that many viewers found trying, and in many ways it is a hard film to like. Compared to some of this director's other films (especially Goodfellas), the dialog is nor engaging and many of the characters are her to relate to. Nevertheless, there is a lot to love about this film. Compared to Sihmoda's 1971 film based on the same book, this film has a lot more to say about faith and does a much better job looking at two sides of a complex and deadly conflict. Much of the commentary on the acting has focussed on Andrew Garfield, who does indeed put in a fine performance, but I was most impressed by the performance of the Japanese actors, whose performances were so precisely right to the story and their characters. This movie will not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is an excellent film

Reviewed by BigApplePi 10 / 10

Culture Clash, Doing What Isn't Wanted.

Culture clash or milder, custom clash. Those two words summarize this film for me. I'm surprised at the many reviewers who overlook this. I don't think of Scorsese or the Catholic religion, but rather my own personal experience. Don't you yourself have customs or a culture that make you you? Something as simple as your ball team. Would you sell out your team for the other team? If challenged you wouldn't and couldn't give up what you are for anything. It's like the pressure of environment over heredity. This film is about that. How much pain can you endure before you would give your self up? Can you ever see the other side? Even if you did would you give up your own side? If you haven't experienced this in real life, why would you like this film? I have.

9 February I didn't quite capture what I wanted to say. Have you ever wanted to do something and were totally prohibited? You want to do it because you feel it's right and important. You are surrounded by those who don't understand, don't care, and insist you keep silent. Even your teacher whom you believed in is strangely silent. That is what I see in this film.

Reviewed by Mike_Devine 8 / 10

Scorsese's 'Silence' speaks volumes

Martin Scorsese has been the mastermind behind some of cinema's greatest triumphs. While some have become pop culture institutions ('Taxi Driver,' 'Goodfellas,' 'The Departed'), others have not had nearly as much of an impact. 2016's 'Silence' falls into the latter camp, although this does not take away from the fact that it's a very well done film.

In 'Silence,' we follow two Portuguese Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) as they travel through 17th century Japan in search of their mentor (Liam Neeson), who has gone MIA. While searching for him, the two priests try to spread Catholicism through missionary work - something that slowly tears the two apart, as the religion is under assault from the Japanese government.

Scorsese's signature techniques are on full display here, From the meticulous cinematography - which earned an Academy Award nomination - to the use of symbolism and powerful dialogue, 'Silence' is almost a work of art. Between the raw emotion that comes through in Garfield's performance and the persecution that the Japanese common folk experience, there is a lot of pain and suffering to go around. But it's not all for naught. True, the themes at the heart of 'Silence' are dark, but the way the story unfolds on screen is something to be marveled at.

Perhaps the biggest issue with 'Silence' is its runtime. At 161 minutes, the film is excruciatingly long. Some may argue this entire length is necessary in order to tell the complete story, but this really isn't the case. And while Scorsese is known for helming films with super long runtimes, sometimes this works better for certain films over others.

While 'Silence' may not have been awarded with box office glory or Oscar gold, the film is one that will have a special place in Scorsese's catalogue.

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