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Kyle Davis as Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chameleonaram 1 / 10

I fell asleep

Cannot remember any movie where I just fell asleep without being tired. This movie builds up so slowly that it really is a cure for sleeplessness! Honestly, if you have sleeping problems just watch this movie. Acting is also terrible. It missed everything but the main reason why I rate this movie 1 star is because those behind this movie tried to put some kind of emotion into it by putting a lot of attention into certain scenes but actually got the opposite. A shameful and laughable approach to a situation that is very serious when it happens to anyone in real life. Makers of this movie, do something else!

Reviewed by John Smith 3 / 10

It is THAT bad. How did did it get a 6.5 rating?

A sci-fi thriller with a 6.5 sounded awesome. I persisted. And persisted. Annnnnd persisted.

What a waste of 90 minutes of life.

Spare yourself the pain.

Reviewed by dexton-84908 4 / 10

Not awful but not great

The main thing this film seems to me to be is a vehicle for the director to show his liking for Juanita Ringeling. Some of her scenes could be outtakes from a Calvin Klein underwear commercial.

She can act decent enough, but there's really no need to see her in her pants quite so much.

The male actors were not great in this. The husband was annoying: he is studying the phenomenon concerned but still doesn't believe his own wife when she says she's affected by it???? Idiotic.

Effects are decent. It's shot beautifully. But it's a pretty weak attempt at a not too bad film idea.

You could take or leave this sci-fi/horror film very easily. But I guess it's a way to while away an empty couple of hours that's not too offensive. Do yourself a favour though and watch William Eubank's 'The Signal' instead.

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