Shock Waves


Action / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
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Peter Cushing as SS Commander
Brooke Adams as Rose
John Carradine as Captain Ben Morris
Luke Halpin as Keith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dworldeater 8 / 10

Under appreciated horror classic

Shock Waves is a creepy and atmospheric horror classic that was quite original for the time and well done overall. A ship cruises on the Carribean and when they are hit by a big, old ship with no crew they take refuge on an island. They don't have Johnny Depp's pirates to worry about, but nazi zombies that have been out to pasture since the second great war. Peter Cushing was the commander of this special unit of undead super soldiers that were put out of commission because they could not be controlled. John Carradine also appears in the film as the boat's captain. Excellent performances from both these legends as well as solid performances from the rest of the cast. Even though the film is very low budget, the zombie make up f/x are great. The film is not gory at all and for the time that this was made the approach to the genre was pretty old school. Nevertheless, this picture was very well done with great tension and ambiance with an ominous, haunting score. Shock Waves holds up well and is very influential for film and other media to come. Great film!

Reviewed by ceejayred 4 / 10

Some good stuff in spots, but mostly a letdown.

I caught Shock Waves on Amazon Prime. I have never caught this one before but always heard good things from other horror fans.

First, the good: the cast did an admirable job. Peter Cushing and Brooke Adams are pros, although this is early in Brooke's career here. John Carradine doesn't get a whole lot of screen time and is dead within the first 30 minutes (SPOILER ALERT!). The character of Norman (played by Jack Davidson) reminded me of George Costanza, so he was quite effective at being annoying. Fred Buch had a 70s James Caan thing going for him, while Luke Halpin pretty much took over as the film's male lead hero-type. The zombie Nazis were also quite effective, without even uttering a sound. The production values were quite low, but the filmmakers made the best out of locations, costumes and make-up. Give them an A for maximum effort.

The bad: it took a while for things to build. The zombie Nazis bobbed in and out of the water for much too long without killing anyone, and when they DID finally start to stalk and kill, the results were quite...dull. Basically, they grab someone and drown them. Some uninspired killing in this horror film. I don't need gore, but I would appreciate some creativity at least.

Ultimately, it's the bad that outweighs the good here. The plodding pacing and the uninspired deaths scenes really stick with me more than the tone or atmosphere. It was all a good idea in theory, and definitely a creative re-working of the zombie story, but it was all for naught when you don't really do anything with it from a story standpoint. Nice try, but falls short of expectations.

Reviewed by dixonc-62562 8 / 10

Shock Waves

this film is a very good nazi-zombie sub-genre film. it has suspense and violence with an aquatic twist in it. the film is unique because of it's aquatic twist. it has one scene where a character falls on sea urchins that seem to have come out of nowhere and the zombies always being shown emerging from the water. the film relies slightly on stock footage used and repeated but makes up for this with its interesting underwater sequences and bizarre plot. it revolves around a tour group getting stuck on an island where an old ss general warns them. through the film, their is a subplot of the main character ( Peter Cushing) having fear and hatred for what he has done int he past when he was a general and in the film tries to confront his grotesque experiments.

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