Shock Corridor


Drama / Mystery

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James Best as Stuart
Chuck Hicks as Tough Attendant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gftbiloxi 7 / 10

And Now For Something REALLY Different

To describe SHOCK CORRIDOR as lurid would be an understatement: it plays like something torn from a supermarket tabloid. An ambitious reporter feigns madness and has himself committed to an insane asylum in order to investigate a recent and unsolved murder--and once inside he encounters everything from hateful attendants to a whole ward of crazed nymphos, and all the characters are presented in the most explotational tone possible.

But SHOCK CORRIDOR has a lot more going for it than just lurid exploitation. Director-writer Sam Fuller was renowned for his gutsy, no-frills, straight-to-the-point style, and in his hands SHOCK CORRIDOR becomes a vision of America as a society that places so much emphasis on conformity and success that people crack and go mad under the strain. And Fuller's cast is remarkable: even when the story goes ridiculously over the top, they perform with such sincerity, conviction, and realism that you can buy into the story in spite of its improbabilities.

SHOCK CORRIDOR will not be to every one's taste, but even those who dislike it will probably find themselves grudgingly fascinated by the film, and although the film transcends such labels fans of explotational and cult cinema will also find lots to enjoy. A classic of its kind. Recommended... but don't say I didn't warn you.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer

Reviewed by Backlash007 10 / 10

"Whom God wishes to destroy, He firsts makes mad."

A tale of irony in the vein of EC comics, Shock Corridor is Samuel Fuller's work of genius and far ahead of its time. Fuller pulls some absolutely great performances out of his cast. Everyone delivers the goods. Each character is so wild and outlandish while the actors playing them still maintain believability. Peter Breck is outstanding in the lead. All of the patients are either hysterically funny or scary funny, from Stuart (Rosco P. Coltrane in a memorable role) on down to Pagliacci. But the real standout in the movie is Hari Rhodes in the role of Trent, the white supremecist. His flawless performance disturbs me (you'll know if you've seen the movie). He could be the best actor ever. What else can I say about this movie, it's an insanely perfect pulp piece. Shock Corridor is an unreal experience, film noir at its best, and truly a cult movie.

Reviewed by evanston_dad 6 / 10

Shocking, Yes, But Not One of Fuller's Best Efforts

Samuel Fuller is not at the top of his game with "Shock Corridor," but it still certainly is something to see. The premise is fairly contrived and never even that clearly explained: Peter Breck plays a journalist with his sights set on a Pulitzer Prize, who fakes mental illness, gets committed to a mental hospital and tries to solve a murder that took place there and was witnessed by only three inmates. Breck begins to lose it himself, and the ultimate irony is that by the time he solves the murder, everyone thinks his revelation of the killer is simply the babbling nonsense of yet one more crazy inmate.

Fuller's writing is weak here, which is unusual for him. I didn't buy that Breck would be driven insane himself. And the character of Breck's girlfriend, played by Constance Towers, gets nothing but melodramatic suffering scenes to play as she tries to convince those involved in the little scheme on the outside to call things off. The tempo of the film, too, gets monotonous after a while. The constant freak-out scenes and the jangling soundtrack all become too much.

But, Fuller is so damn audacious as a filmmaker, and his visual style gives you so much to look at, that you'll probably be fascinated despite the film's weaknesses. The whole thing looks like a lurid and pulpy film noir, and in most respects he uses sound in compelling ways, as when an Italian-opera-obsessed inmate is belting out a nearly unrecognizable version of an opera song at the top of his lungs, and then the actual song in full orchestra bursts on to the soundtrack so that we can hear it as he's hearing it in is head.

The movie mainly serves as a tool to explore one of Fuller's most consistent themes, that of the insanity of the supposedly sane, civilized world. The three inmates who witnessed the murder each gets a soliloquy in which we ostensibly learn about their backgrounds and what drove them to mental illness in the first place. But they're really more like editorials each designed to highlight a distinct madness infecting the human race: war, racism and the quest for nuclear dominance. In this respect, "Shock Corridor" is very much a product of its time, but manages also to be sadly relevant today.

So an uneven film overall, but I land on the side of recommending it, because as long as Samuel Fuller is at the helm, I can guarantee you'll never be bored.

Grade: B

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