Shock and Awe


Action / Biography / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
IMDb Rating 6 10 3524


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Milla Jovovich as Vlatka Landay
Woody Harrelson as Jonathan Landay
Jessica Biel as Lisa
James Marsden as Warren Strobel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kronos1821 10 / 10

Underappreciated true account

Of the plot to steer the public into a catastrophic war. A must see homage to to All The President's Men.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Very worthwhile story - execution could have been better

Despite the A list cast and very worthy subject matter this movie about the WMD deception feels a little amateurish. There are pros and cons of the way the issues are stated clearly in more or less in sequence. The pros are you get it. The points aren't lost or mumbled so as to be missed. And there is not jigsaw puzzle narrative. That is good. Unlike Spotlight which was a bit confusing. The cons are it feels like a lecture / documentary. The best point is it puts together and illuminates the sequence of events and the WMD deception from it's early stages to the invasion and the consequences. The most eye opening thing is that these journalists were on to the deception from such an early stage and the main stream press refused to let the public know.

Reviewed by warrenslist 10 / 10


It had a 'Limited' Release since mid July this year. It has not, yet, been shown in Detroit Area fact, it's only in one theatre. In Maryland On IMBd 1,775 give it an average score of 5.5 out of 10 64 IMBd Reviewers are virtually unanimous in rating it at or near 10 out of 10 24 Professional Reviewers are far from generous.

Everyone has an Opinion.

I ordered the Movie on dvd because it appeared to be the 'All The President's Men' of The Iraq Invasion. It is. I loved it.

Our favouite scene in the film is when the Rob Reiner character, upon discovering that Knight-Ridder is virtually the only News gathering organization in America opposing The Iraq Invasion, calls a meeting......

"Everybody Listen Up........ We're not NBC, not ABC, we're not ABC, we're not CBS, not FOX, not CNN. We're not the New York Times and not The Washington Post. We are Knight-Ridder. If every other News Organization wants to be stenographers for The Bush Administration....let them. We don't write for people who send other people's kids to War. We write for the people whose kids get sent to War.

Now....having written all of that......

I'm a Canadian. Our Prime Minister at the time, Jean Chretien, would not join Australia, Great Britain and others in following The Coalition led by The U.S. into Iraq without a sanction from The United Nations Security Council. After all, one of the reasons the UN had been created following World War Two was to, hopefully, prevent what Germany had done prior to The War......invade other Countries without cause.

The U.S. 'made their case'. The UN didn't 'buy it'. But The U.S. Coalition invaded Iraq anyway. Over 1 million Iraqis killed. Hundreds of thousands of American Kids killed. Trillions of dollars spent there and at home. I call that a War Crime.

Don't miss Shock & Awe.

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