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Elden Henson as Jesse Jackson
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Paul Walker as Dean Sampson
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Reviewed by BandicootBurn 10 / 10

It's all that!

Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is the man on campus at the Southern California High School. He thinks he will coast through the final days of his semester until unexpectedly his girlfriend (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) dumps him for a celebrity on the hit MTV show 'The Real World' just days before the prom. Zack confidently makes a bet with his best friend (Paul Walker) thinking that any girl he dates can become the next prom queen. After a bit of searching they find an unpopular art student named Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook) who seems like the perfect person for Zack's friend to win the bet and humiliate Zack at the same time. After this, Zack reluctantly rejects his friends bet and tries to back out, but his friend is resilient and refuses to change his mind. Accepting this, Zack approaches and attempts to befriend Laney in the hope of transforming her into prom queen material. Zack eventually manages to spend some time with Laney and ultimately realises that he loves Laney and that they have a lot in common. Ultimately Zack sees Laney as his true love and he doesn't care if he loses the bet because he has found something so much better in return.

This is an enjoyable teen romantic comedy. It was the surprise hit of the year at the Box Office and there was even talk of a remake. The actors give great performances and the song by the band "Sixpence None The Richer" titled "Kiss Me" fits the theme of the film perfectly.

Reviewed by lisadaniellewojcik 2 / 10


I never realized how grossly misogynistic this movie was until I re-watched it as an adult in 2017.

Reviewed by william-aaron-kelly 10 / 10

Truly A Classic

Zack, that classic, perfect and handsome jock that has it all. He's got money, he's got the ladies. But there is more that meets the eye.

Zack's narcissistic witch of a girlfriend, Taylor, breaks up with him after a romantic rendezvous with a gross reality star on the Real World season 2 LA, Brock.

This becomes the hottest gossip throughout this Southern California high school when Usher announces it to the whole school. That is when Zack decides that he will absolutely NOT feel any self pity and will turn this whole debacle around.

Zack's manipulative best friend, Dean, calls him out on his bluff but decides that he wants to play a game. He challenges him to a bet that he can't turn just any run-of-the-mill gal into a prom queen to beat Taylor. Their other seemingly nice black best friend, Preston, thinks they're being crazy and wants NOTHING to do with this.

They're being little typical judgmental pricks when Dean spots Laney, a confused socially awkward art student and just an all around klutz. Zack then screams "LANEY BOGGS? NO WAY." Then he reluctantly decides to accept the bet.

He first attempts to approach her at school, fails. Zack then goes to Laney's work at a local taqueria. She says, "HELLO?!?!? STALKING IS ILLEGAL!?!?!" However, she decides to give him five minutes to explain himself. She decides to let him come to an art piece. Now, this is where my fave part of the movie comes in. It's so funny. omg

They go to this art show where this dude is running around in undies in this interpretive art piece then Laney comes out and steals it away. This is where Zack really starts to almost immediately fall in love with her. Laney throws him on the stage, however, he totally pulls this hackeysack out of nowhere and starts kicking it to some kind of poem about how pressured he feels in life and totally pulls it off. They go outside and Zack tells her that she has beautiful eyes. She says "WHAT THE FREAK? I KNEW IT. YOU TOLD ME I HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYES!" And then runs away.

Zack shows up uninvited to her house and becomes tight with her dad and brother. Laney's like "WTF YOU JUST DON'T GIVE UP DO YA?" They go to the beach.

Gabrielle Union really takes notice of Laney and how much more she likes her than evil witch Taylor and nominates her for prom queen.

Queue classic scene where Zack asks his pretty sister Mackenzie to give Laney this hot top-of- the-line look for Preston's party. She takes the glasses off and slaps on a red dress and whoa, we got a whole new woman.

They go to this party and Laney gets revenge on her arch-nemesis in art, Misty, by painting her face to resemble a clown after just trying to help her. Taylor sees her at the party and makes a scene by pouring wine down her dress. Everyone gets quiet and Laney just books it, crying. That is when Zack stops to look at Taylor and says "WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!" And continues to run out, leaving Taylor standing there looking flabbergasted.

Everyone is LOVING that Laney is running and giving a voice to the rejects of the school. Taylor comes back after a short disappearance, upset that her reality star boyfriend broke up with her, but has her brain focused on prom queen. She steps out of her car after crying and is immediately over it when she sees she has competition from Laney. She looks at Gabrielle Union and their white gal pal and exclaims "DID I MISS SOMETHING!?"

Everything is going fine for Zack and Laney until that evil, manipulative Dean, has had enough. He sneaks up on Laney behind Zack's back at the taqueria she works at and asks her to prom and throws Zack under the bus. When they're decorating for prom, Taylor tries to scheme on Zack and he's like uh no, I love Laney and Taylor informs him that Laney is going to prom with Dean.

Zack turns around with them big sad blue eyes and sprints up to Laney and Dean and says "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? WHAT THE HELL DEAN? THIS ISN'T FAIR!" Scandal unfolds. Dean is like "dude, I can't do this bet anymore, I love her." Zack is like "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM DEAN?!?!"

This is where my favorite line is exclaimed. "Zack, is this true? AM I A FRICKIN BET?"

Zack and Laney are both moping around, because they're in love, but he looks like a jerk and she looks like a fool. Laney and her dad have a real moment and convinces her to go have fun at prom and that there is a handsome guy waiting for her upstairs.

You get prepared and think heck yeah, Zack is there. BUT NOPE it's Dean. Laney barely loses to Taylor. Dean, Preston and their pals are hanging out in the boy's room when Dean announces his plan to steal Laney's innocence. Preston is unimpressed with Dean at this point is like "quit being a jerk, she's a cool girl." Dean is like "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?" They all walk out and that's when Laney's dweeb best friend, who now dates Mackenzie??, comes out and stops Zack in the middle of his prom king speech to tell him Dean's plan. Zack darts out of the gym leaving Taylor by herself.

Zack runs to Laney's house and surprises her when she walks in and says "I had no idea" and she was like "he's a jerk" and then they kiss.

Thank you Freddie Prinze, Jr. Thank you Rachael Leigh Cook. Most definitely thank you Gabrielle Union. Paul Walker RIP.

10 out of 10 for me.

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