Shallow Hal


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Jack Black as Hal
Gwyneth Paltrow as Rosemary
Brooke Burns as Katrina
Molly Shannon as Mrs. Mary Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samzzz-69448 7 / 10

The Farrelly brothers' sweetest rom com, but could have been even better

This is a surprisingly solid little romantic comedy with a simple message that manages to convey a sense of sweetness that lingers on even after the film hits the end credits.

The film has a very basic premise: what if beauty REALLY isn't skin deep? With this central question comes several others: What if one's appearance is the direct reflection of one's 'inner beauty', and what if somebody suddenly begins to see the world and everyone in it in exactly this way? It sounds like the recipe for a dramatic, thought-provoking, award- winning tear-jerker, but having suffered from the viewing trauma wrought by last year' Collateral Beauty (marketed to be just such a thing), I'm not so sure. What we got is a Farrelly brothers project starring 1st-time-leading-man Jack Black, and so it should only be judged for what it is, a mainstream studio film and a PG13 romantic comedy.

Such a subject matter could have easily fallen prey to a much more vulgar brand of humor , so it's refreshing to see the offensive fat jokes and cuss words kept under control here. The dialog is a little lacking in terms of memorable highlights but is otherwise fine. The film doesn't rely on cheap and abundant uses of slapstick action that has no consequence whatsoever to either the plot or the continuity within the scenes, or on visually striking wacky sidekicks to create humor (I'm thinking about you, Mr. Sandler). The 'ugly' versions of people are striking when they appear, yes, but they are not subjected to mocking or outright bullying like, well, Adam Sandler movies tended to do.

Jack Black does a nice job portraying a 'shallow' guy who undergoes an internal transformation within the main storyline, bringing his character arc to a fulfilling end. However I have wondered how prime Jim Carrey would have fared as Hal, but prime Carrey probably would command a more dominant role as THE central and therefore only truly meaningful character, and that wouldn't do since it would mean stealing the show from Gwenyth Paltrow. Paltrow gives perhaps one of her sweetest performances as the utterly self-conscious, grossly obese Rosemary, the highlight of the film for me. She manages to bring out the innocence and fragility of a down to earth (very obese) young woman who seems to know and accept the fact that she's never going to be associated with ideas such as beauty, attractive, etc, even when she's in her own slim and frankly smoking hot version. I have watched Adam Sandler's 2002 film Mr. Deeds prior to writing this review, and Winona Ryder's character in that film, in both her 'Virgin Mary' act as well as the 'I'm changed' good woman version, lacks depth when compared with Paltrow's Rosemary.

The direction overall seems spot on for the leads, and the selection of the soundtrack contribute to the overall feel of the film - lighthearted, a little silly, but sweet and even a little moving at times. Jack Black dances a lot, slim Gwenyth falls a lot, and fat Gwenyth hurts a lot, but it's the scene of the burn victim girl that stands out as a very touching human moment.

However, one may argue that the film's male gaze is sometimes too obvious for the wrong reasons. Paltrow goes semi-nude on several occasions and I'm not sure how these are supposed to work with the dating couples in the audiences. The films settling with fat=ugly 99% of the time also needed some polishing. Jill's character feels like wasted potential. She's the only 'pretty' pretty woman in the story, she witnesses Hal's transformation first hand, but she's reduced to a cheap plot device at the end of Act 2 as the 'coincidence' that Rosemary stumbles into. Since its revealed that Jill's actually a nice person because she disliked the original, 'shallow' Hal, then surely we could do without the 'let's go to my bed tonight' seduction just to somehow contrast her with the saint like Rosemary. I feel that Jill' character should be better developed and more involved with the main storyline. I even think that a scene showing Jill and Rosemary meeting and talking about Hal could be great.

I can see why the film has middling reviews from both critics and the general viewing public. Even after a slow start, the story drags on at times, the humor isn't that funny, and the dialog is average. I first watched this film back in 05, with Chinese subtitles, when I was a high schooler in Beijing. More than a decade later, as an exec in the film industry, I gave this another try and am pleasantly surprised to find that it still moved me at several places. It could be the universality of its subject matter. Not many American comedies can to more than merely entertain the international audience, but this one pulled it off. Hence my rating, a very solid 7.

Reviewed by justkrepper 6 / 10

A lesson of life

At first, I though it was just a funny movie that made fun of big girls; therefore I wasn't so excited about it. But it turns out to be a lesson of life. If we only look at the cinematographic aspect of this movie, it doesn't have any interest. However, the message behind this film is so deep : every woman is beautiful and deserve to find love!

I will not watch it twice, but we spend a good time.

Reviewed by framptonhollis 7 / 10

Could have been great

I'm surprised that this movie has such a low rating, since I did find it to be genuinely charming and funny, much better an most modern romantic comedies. As a matter of fact, this movie was almost great, and it could have reached that level if only a few little tweaks and changes were made.

Personally, I thought that the ending was an absolute bummer. It was overly sweet when it could have ended on a slightly darker note, which was the path that I felt the film was taking. Now I am not saying that this movies ending could not have been sweet, but it was so sickeningly cliché and obnoxiously over the top unrealistically happy that it disappointed me. A good example of a film ending that is both sweet and slightly tragic would be the ending of "Chasing Amy", another romantic comedy drama.

Other flaws have to do with various jokes not really working and the plot of the movie being restated over and over again by characters to an annoying degree.

However, the overall movie is surprisingly good and somewhat underrated. It is very funny, and juggles mocking and feeling sympathy for its characters really, really well. And I enjoyed the fact that the humor was not afraid to get super dark at times. The entire opening sequence is classic dark comedy!

There is also quite a bit of heart and soul to this movie. Believe it or not, it actually,are me tear up a little at one point, very unexpected for this type of movie! I was impressed with the emotional conflicts and they had me really engaged and moved, but then all of that was screwed up by the ending!

This is a movie that I would recommend, but with mild caution since the ending does largely ruin the experience, at least it did for me, anyway.

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