Sex Doll


Action / Thriller

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Hafsia Herzi as Virginie
Atul Sharma as Pub goer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davexist 2 / 10

All style, no substance

Another "Lifetime"-esque version of prostitution with a PG13 level of nudity. In other words, a complete waste of time. But, wait, will the tattooed bad boy be her saviour? Lead actress is good, but the material is ultra-weak. There's plenty of sex scenes, but no skin. And almost all of them involving a stereotypical misogynistic old man. It's not engaging on any level whatsoever. I'd highly recommend "Student Services" or "Young & Beautiful" or even the TV show "The Girlfriend Experience" as far better material in this genre.

Reviewed by smithellie1966 6 / 10

Not bad

I recommend you watch this movie first, then read reviews. Those who are expecting sexually explicit scenes would be disappointed. As for me, I enjoyed this nicely made movie. The acting is superb as pretty much in all French and European movies. I have few unanswered questions about the young guy with so many tattoos, but may be it was meant to be this way, to leave his motives unknown. A scene when he left her money is also confusing. Her story is also remains unknown. All in all it is a snapshot of a segment of life of two people. There is no beginning and no end. A professionally made snapshot.

Reviewed by meshael 7 / 10

Nice plot and dialogue

The movie is worthy of your time. I did not expect that with its low rating, yet it was plotted beautifully. The dialogue makes you engage with the actors upon every scene. I loved how french and English were fused together. I will surely recommend it to a friend. One thing I hate is the poster, it did not reflect the character.

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