Seven Thieves


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Eli Wallach as Poncho
Joan Collins as Melanie
Rod Steiger as Paul Mason
Edward G. Robinson as Theo Wilkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pro_crustes 7 / 10

"Mission: Impossible" with a black hat

Remember "Mission: Impossible"? The TV series, not the movie. It was always fun to watch the team pull off one of their stunts, because they balanced their Rube Goldberg concepts with NASA-quality planning. This movie is cut from the same cloth. It's about a casino robbery engineered during one of the gambling hall's biggest celebrations. The eponymous crooks must work in synchronized unison to fulfill their plan. Unlike the MI series, though, they aren't all quite equally devoted to their mission or, at least not to their particular roles within it. Still, they have a clever series of steps that get more interesting to watch, even as it seems increasingly likely that the plan will succeed.

Along the way, there are some interesting mixtures of personality types, some mysterious backgrounds waiting to be uncovered, and a degree of slipperiness that make it hard to be sure just who we should be rooting for. Indeed, part of the charm of this film is that there are _no_ "good guys," yet we want the thieves to get away with their crime.

A nifty, thoughtful piece, with little action and no sfx (in the current sense, anyway). An added plus for some of us is a pair of fairly sexy dance numbers a 27-year-old Joan Collins does "nearly naked," as her character puts it. She was at her physical prime in this film, but don't underestimate her acting ability. She carries the sole female role with every bit as much mastery as Wallach, Steiger, and the oddly endearing Edward G. Robinson carry theirs. John Beradino (the original "Dr. Hardy" of TV's "General Hospital") has a small role, and Marcel Hillaire appears as more or less the same character he would play dozens of times in TV guest spots for the next few years.

7/10, recommended if you've had your fill of explosions, CGI, or Tom Cruise.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Unusual noir on the Riviera

Usually films located on a place as lovely as the French Riviera, especially Monte Carlo get the full technicolor treatment like To Catch a Thief. But in Seven Thieves director Henry Hathaway opted for black and white because this is a noir and the key here is the plot of the caper and the relationships of the characters.

Expatriate American academician Edward G. Robinson calls on a young protégé Rod Steiger to come over from America to help him heist a casino in Monte Carlo. He's recruited a gang and needs someone he can trust to keep them in line.

Robinson's role is similar to that of Sam Jaffe in The Asphalt Jungle and Steiger it seems is his Sterling Hayden.

That's how it seems at the start, but there's a whole lot more going on here as the characters reveal themselves bit by bit during the planning and execution of the caper.

Coincidentally in the same year another caper film, Ocean's 11 about robbing casinos also came out. But this is definitely not as lighthearted as that Ratpack romp.

What to watch for is the relationships between Robinson and Steiger and between Steiger, Joan Collins and Eli Wallach.

Nicely done little noir classic.

Reviewed by aromatic-2 ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Intricately plotted and well-acted caper yarn

Seven Thieves is an intricately plotted and well acted caper yarn. It combines beautiful Monte Carlo setting with seven distinct characterization. A host of international professionals are on hand including Edward G. Robinson, Eli Wallach, Sebastian Cabot, Alexander Scourby, Berry Kroger, Marcel Hillaire, John Berardino, and most of all, Joan Collins and Rod Steiger.

Collins, generally not one of my favorites, gives a marvelous performance, surprisingly reminiscent of Sophia Loren. Steiger starts the movie off being belligerent and one-note, so much so, that I wasn't certain I would continue watching. But, soon we gradually see why Edward G. wants him on his team so badly. Next, things get very taut and laced with whimsy and dry humor.

If you enjoy caper films that make you think, watch this one.

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