Seven Samurai


Action / Adventure / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
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ToshirĂ´ Mifune as Kikuchiyo
Tatsuya Nakadai as Samurai Wandering Through Town
Takashi Shimura as Kambei Shimada
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stabers 10 / 10

The Pinnacle of Filmmaking

There's not much I can say about Seven Samurai that hasn't already been said.

It's arguably the most well conceived and well executed film in the history of filmmaking (in my opinion). While this is a film with content that is steeped in historical Japanese culture, it portrays so many things that are undeniably human. It comes from a time when cinema still aimed at being the one artistic expression that could cross cultural boundaries like no other. Offering audiences from any background the chance to share an experience that connected with our most basic elements of humanity, and could result in creating shared experiences. As opposed to today's cinema that aims at polarization in the name of creating "buzz." This what movies should aspire to be and what filmmakers should aspire to make.

Also, there's swords!

Reviewed by Aodhanrooney 10 / 10

A Samurai Masterpiece!

Though, Seven Samurai is overlong, it is a true masterpiece and accomplishment in filmmaking. Akira Kurosawa is a unique director and has a wondrous vision.

Seven Samurai's first two hours is melodramatic. It features a tale of powerless villagers, whom are in shortage of food, and defenceless against a heavily armed gang of mischievous bandits. In order to restore their sanctuary and stow off the bandits, seven samurai warriors are formed and trained up in the tactics of field combat, to fight of the bandits.

These pleasing two hours are live up to their fulfilment and the characters are introduced and developed, splendidly. There is enough to please movie-goers, here, and fans of old, classic movies will find Seven Samurai satisfactory. It kick started the Hollywood western, The Magnificent Seven, which is, too, a classic.

There is no closure to pleasing samurai fans, and the Japanese audience, in particular, will find that there is nothing displeasing, here.

The Fantastically written script of melodramatic elements, in its first two hours, leads, promisingly, to an hour and a half of spectacular stunt takes and field combat sequences. The Seven Samurai themselves are to be made noteworthy of this, for they are the show-stealers and stars of the show. This will meet fan's satisfactory, as the combat sequences are filmed so well, and the performances are nothing short of mesmerising.

This spectacular movie is a classic and achievable in many ways, leaving generations of fans and Akira Kurosawa fans, alike, to a legacy of magnificent art.

Reviewed by Marc Israel 8 / 10

Beyond the cine-history...

Many film historians point towards Seven samurai as the genesis of the great western and inspiration of countess story line and plot reinventions. That's great, but watching other "firsts", such as Citizen Kane, have failed to create that sense of disbelief that allows one to lose themselves in the experience. Not so with Akira Kurasawa's Seven Samurai.

Each character has their own personality allowing the details of their emotions infiltrate the experience. This is not a WWII soldier story when everyone and then some die for their country,. This is not war time... or is it? That's the point of teh film that there is no end to transgressions against humanity and doing the right thing is both honorable and hard.

I see some overplayed parts by the villagers and wonder if the Japanese audiences thought them more funny or silly, or simply disposed of them as the weak link of the movie, as I did. That is in contrast to the faceless enemy of the bandits, portrayed as poachers with swords... Can you imagine working so hard for so little and having it stolen without protection? You can feel for these farmers as if they were somewhere out in the American West, one of our own.... yes, the story is quite sympathetic.

But movie is about our crew of seven and their joining to defend a defenseless group by means of preparedness that is more military strategy than you would have expected. I loved this aspect of the film the best, but would have felt rushed if we didn't know our group and who they were there to protect.

This artifact of cine-history remains a masterpiece!

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