Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 18721


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Julie Newmar as Dorcas
Russ Tamblyn as Gideon
Howard Keel as Adam
Ian Wolfe as Rev. Elcott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 9 / 10

Irresistible with its vitality and freshness...

A former Broadway dancer and choreographer, Donen's initial encounter with MGM was as choreographer on a number of musicals, including 'Cover Girl,' 'Anchors Aweigh,' and 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game.'

Nominated for 5 Academy Awards, 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' tells the story of the seven Pontipee brothers, who are living a rough lonely existence on their farm in Oregon... It is also the story of a rugged young farmer, in 1850, who rides into town to trade for some supplies, and pick himself up a comely bride...

In town, Adam finds just what he's looking for—'Pretty and trim, but not too slim. Heavenly eyes and just the right size. Simple and sweet and sassy as can be.' Adam meets the young spirited Milly working at a local inn... He is instantly attracted by her good looks and her cooking... For her part, Milly likes her tall, and self-assured man... Also his directness, and the sound of his good house in the wilderness... After a whirlwind courtship, the two agree to wed...

Millie chirps an engaging 'Wonderful, Wonderful Day' as she welcomes what she expects will be a perfect new life... But when she arrives at the ranch, all her dreams about love and marriage and such, are shattered... She discovers that her new husband has not been entirely truthful... Instead of an idyllic honeymoon cottage just for two, she finds he really wants 'a cook, a washerwoman, a hired girl,' for his small army of six sensitive brothers living in one filthy cabin...

After the shock, Milly immediately sets out to transform the young rowdy men into the region's most eligible bachelors, with an eye to marrying them off as quickly as possible...

Milly's good cooking and stubborn nature inspire the rambunctious young men that they cannot expect to attract wives if they dress and behave the way they do... They have to learn some social graces... At the perfect opportunity, the boys put Milly's teaching to good use, meeting the town girls whose glances express an obvious interest...

Unfortunately, the women are spoken for..

Adam could hardly believe it how his little wife tamed his backwoods brothers... He suggests to the wild and grieving 'Romeos,' reduced to what he can only describe as "a bunch of mamma's boys," forget gentle methods of love, and kidnap the unwilling gals they want, following the actions of the Roman with the Sabine women...

Howard Keel is at his commanding best... He develops an unorthodox solution to his brothers loneliness, much to the chagrin of the town fathers and their romantic rivals... With a voice singularly warm and precise, he rises magnificently to the occasion, singing a firmness 'Bless Your Beautiful Hide,' while he appraises the qualities of womanhood in general...

In her probably best screen performance, Jane Powell had the required amount of grit and spunk that was needed to lay the woman who could tame seven backwoodsmen... She sets about to refine her unkempt brothers-in-law giving them the manners and habits they need to court and to win their own sweethearts... Her clear, high, spring-water voice is just right for the songs, seemingly meant to be heard in the open with the mountains and meadows to echo it...

Unquestionably, the highlight of the motion picture is justly the 'Barn-raising' sequence... It begins as a 'challenge' dance—a truly breathtaking display of acrobatic leaps and ballet steps, in which the brothers compete for the girls with the more 'refined' men of the town, and it ends inevitably in a noisy, undignified fight as the men actually try to raise the four sides of the wooden barn...

The collective presence of the six brothers is simply dynamic... All the players move rhythmically with grace and ease... Russ Tamblyn jumps both forward and backward over an ax held in his hands... Stanley Donen again displays his visual originality and creates a new style of musical, irresistible with its vitality and freshness, lovely to look at and hear...

Reviewed by T Y 7 / 10

Mercer's Lonesome Polecat - wow

I enjoyed this in as much as I don't get my morality from Hollywood movies, apparently as some of these P.C. reviewers indicate. The movie is very enjoyable but this review is simply about one song. I knew what were commonly held to be the high points of this movie (Barn Dance etc.) but was pleasantly surprised, moved even, to stumble across "Lonesome Polecat" as both a mournful beautiful Johnny Merecer song, AND as a slowly-orchestrated, atypical production number.

The 6 unmarried brothers are doing winter chores when their efforts become half-hearted & listless. Mercer hands them a trifle with a mournful melody, slight lyrics and haunting chorus consisting mostly of an extended "whooo-ooo-oooooo-oo." And Michael Kidd generated a 'dance' out of slow moves in which barely any work is done, and a bang is incorporated every 4 bars.

I was about to fast forward through it when even the sped-up image revealed synchronized axe movements and that the actors were using real axes. I backed up again, watched it and have been watching it for about the last hour.

Although the scene is constructed out of convention and a phony interior mountainscape, it doesn't matter. It's as beautiful a moment I've ever seen in a musical, and so rare to have slowed the tempo down as much as they do. The orchestration is quite minimal, but a horn swells at a few moments.

Reviewed by sharkey197 10 / 10

Quality will always tell

Well, I wanted to show a musical to my critical viewing class but knew it would be difficult since the boys were the most unlikely candidates for liking musicals that I'd ever seen. I chose this because of the outstanding dance sequence and because the DVD had such an excellent "making of" which I showed first. It was wonderful to realize at the end of things that they totally got into it, even confessing that they were predisposed against it when I made my intentions known. They found the action funny, the dancing riveting and found lots to comment on in the growth of the relationship between Adam and Millie. One of my reluctant students even confessed to me that he'd found himself singing "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" in the shower one morning! This is a wonderful film for teens today and has the ability to draw them in. While they are totally aware of the sound stage sets and how "stagey" it looks, they also realize why it was filmed that way and manage to get past it. I showed this film only weeks after Howard Keel had died and was so glad that he had done the documentary, which is outstanding because all of the original cast were available to comment. It was charming to see them and how well they had aged.

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