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Ryan Reynolds as Young Damian
Matthew Goode as Albright
Natalie Martinez as Madeline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aronsmithier 9 / 10

Definitely not bad as few reviewed!

Well, this is my first review. After I read the reviews I was in two minds, whether to watch or not. Then I thought I'll give it a try, mainly coz of Ryan & Tarsem (The Fall, I loved it). I would say right from the start the movie gets us involved and it keeps the same pace throughout. I'll not give away much details so yeah do give it a try, you'll not regret it.

Reviewed by a-hilton 6 / 10

Reminded me of "Seconds" starring Rock Hudson

The film interested me because I was correct in thinking that it would be a remake of an old John Frankenheimer film called "Seconds" The original starred Rock Hudson in a much darker premise where a salesman wants to change his life (rather than is dying) - I won't reveal any more in case you want to check it out for yourself. Self/less otherwise stands up in its own right and is reasonably entertaining which is my main yardstick for a film. There are mixed reviews around the normally excellent Ben Kingsley's contribution - personally I couldn't get past his accent. Ryan Reynolds played the part well but not as an "ex military" type so possibly miscast here. Apart from trying too hard to tie up the loose ends it was otherwise a good story.

Reviewed by taxiservice 9 / 10

Wow, this is one very underrated film!

When I read the summary of what this film was about I wasn't too sure this was going to be either my cup of tea, so to speak, or amount to much... how wrong I was!

You might think Ryan Reynolds wan't the best choice for the main role of this film.... I disagree - he pulled it off in fine style. There are a few actors who mainly play comedic roles who are actually pretty damn good actors, wasted a lot of the time in the roles in which they end up and Ryan Reynolds is one of those. In the films in which he has played more solid roles, in the main, he has made some very watchable stuff. Sadly, there isn't enough of it... anyway, on to this film in particular.

The story-line is certainly one I haven't come across before and as a film buff, I have seen a lot of films, so that is a plus! Matthew Goode was brilliantly creepy as the baddie and did a great job of his role as always. (Why does the baddie always have to be English in American made films? Rather a stereotype! One star off for this, sorry.) The equally wonderful Victor Garber and Ben Kingsley hammed up the business mogul role to a T - love them both. I haven't come across Natalie Martinez much, but she was solid, too as the forlorn wife/widow/mother and Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen will surely be one to look out for in the future if her performance in this film is anything to go by.

The film moved at a nice pace with plenty of twists to keep you on your seat. It wasn't predictable and you were never quite sure of the end result until you found it out. I like films like that - so many are predictable and you just sit there waiting for the inevitable end scene... it just depends on how long the film is as to how many interim scenes you get beforehand - I am sure you know what I mean! There was plenty of action in this film to satisfy fans who love that stuff. BUT, what was particularly appealing to me was that it made me think... and quite hard, too. There were some tough moral concepts in this film to get your head around and the solutions not at all clear cut. What would you do if put in such a situation? Hmmm...

So, all in all, I would recommend this film as a really good watch, but probably not after you've had a few pints or similar, as you won't get it beyond a certain level of mental fuzziness. Very definitely, this is an underrated film and I sincerely hope that it is one that becomes cult viewing in a few years, because it deserves to be.

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