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Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Camp Pinnacle

The kids from the Breakfast Club like Secrets In The Snow are back after three years and some of them are counselors at a Christian camp, Camp Pinnacle. They are taking a church youth group there for a weekend.

Three years ago they were the high school kids with the angst, now they have a collection of kids with issues.

The focus is on two of them, the airheaded Audrey Easton who thinks she's the teen queen and likes to show the others up. That includes bringing and wearing a pair of fashionable high heel suede boots. Looking good but they aren't exactly for the woods as she finds out.

The big problem with this film is again Christians taking a stand against bullying. The fat and uncoordinated Luke Ptacek is the target of Voltaire Colin Council who has issues of his own. Again the big reason kids are bullied is that they might be thought of as gay. And the worst thing you can be called is the "F" word. But since this crowd doesn't like gays they just ignore it. Makes their anti-bullying stands just slightly unbelievable.

Like the predecessor film Secrets Of The Snow none of these kids have anything like the problems of the youth in detention in The Breakfast Club. It's those Christian parameters.

It's a nicely done film, but hardly likely to break out from church audiences.

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