Secret Window


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 164379


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Johnny Depp as Mort Rainey
Maria Bello as Amy Rainey
John Turturro as John Shooter
Timothy Hutton as Ted Milner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by calvinnme 8 / 10

A film about plagiarism that seems somewhat plagiarized...

... and yes I know it's from Stephen King's original material, but after you watch the entire thing it seems cinematically borrowed from a movie from five years before. SPOILERS SPOILERS (I REALLY MEAN IT!) SPOILERS! It seems so much borrowed that I almost titled my review "Fright Club", but then I figured anybody who saw the title and saw the first fifteen minutes of the film would guess the ending.

Johnny Depp plays mystery writer Mort Rainey, living in his bathrobe in a house in the middle of nowhere, seemingly horribly resentful about a housekeeper whom he employed in the first place, working at odd hours, sleeping at even odder ones. Then a knock on the door. There is John Turturro, a composite of every weirdo he has ever played as John Shooter, dressed like a Mississippi preacher straight out of American Gothic, with a southern accent to match. And Shooter is angry. He claims that Rainey stole his story and he wants payback. Rainey doesn't take this guy seriously, and figures he is one of the many crackpots that minor celebrities like himself have to deal with every once in awhile. The guy leaves, but leaves his allegedly purloined story behind. Rainey ends up reading it and recognizes it as a near duplicate of his own "The Secret Window".

The complicating factors? Rainey has plagiarized one time in his career in the past. Also, Rainey is not happy about his impending divorce. He keeps putting off signing the divorce papers although he and his wife have worked out the property settlement. Plus, his wife left him for a lowlife (Timothy Hutton as Ted) who is obviously interested in Mort's soon to be ex partly because of her looks, partly because of the settlement she gets in the divorce. Materialistic Ted is so obvious that you feel Rainey's soon to be ex is not only not very loyal, but not very bright.

Well it turns out Shooter is aptly named, although guns are not really his thing. The violence this demanding man commits quickly escalates from first killing Rainey's dog, to torching Rainey's former home now occupied by his wife, to murder. But how could this one man, seemingly not that bright, manage to run circles around Rainey and all he employs to find out who Shooter really is and where he is from? He must have a source of inside information. Is it his wife? Ted? The guy he plagiarized years ago? Somebody else? Watch and find out.

Honorable mention has to go to Charles S. Dutton as the P.I. Rainey turns to for insight and protection from this guy. Len Cariou plays the seemingly useless small town sheriff where Rainey lives. I said seemingly.

The suspense builds superbly on this one with a score that really adds to the mood. I would probably give this one a nine if not for the ending that seems somewhat borrowed and definitely blue.

Reviewed by Mohamed Abdalla 6 / 10

The secret world of writers.

If you want to know how does it feel to be drained as a writer, then watch this movie.

The movie starts with a scene of "Depp" seeing his wife cheating on him in a motel, then we move to see glimpses of the boring life of a writer, it really shows how deep can a writer go while struggling for an idea to write.

It's a psychological/thriller movie that will make you wonder throughout the movie, what makes this experience better is the great acting of "Depp".

What makes this movie not that good is the kinda expected ending,However it's not explained what was "Depp" suffering from ! Is it schizophrenia ? Is it writer depression ?

Finally, it's a good movie that you will enjoy both by acting and the story.

Reviewed by Psyfkyn Daniel 10 / 10

A lone writer living in a wooden cottage

I love this movie very much. The vibe, the plot, and the casts were great. This is one of the movies that I cannot forget. The mystery and psychological issue in it were great. The movie were able to make curious for the whole time and I was very engaged to the main character. The detail plot in the movie were delivered nicely and in my opinion, the twist is one of the best. Also, I like that they keep the detail for the main character so people who watched it will not get confused

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