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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryota Nakanishi 10 / 10

Bollywood Master Piece Exceeds Hollywood!

Aamir Khan (1965-) is the most talented Asian actor in the 21st.century. For proving this, you just need to see Dangal (2017) in which he played the protagonist Mahavir Singh Phogat and this film.

His acting is not so called method acting however, his expression is full of emotion, and it mostly triggers emotional responses from audiences both in seriousness and humorousness. I saw major theatre's Hong Kong audiences' vivid reactions to the screen. I have never seen it before at theatres.

This film really exceeds both Hollywood and other Asian films in terms of emotional involvements. The emotional engagement of audiences is equal with Akira Kurosawa or Kenji Mizoguchi's '50s Japanese master pieces. It reminds me of these true qualitative cinema experiences.

Moreover, The Secret Super Star is also built in the rigid Three Act Structure with universal standardized genre filmmaking methods. Technically, it is equal with Hong Kong filmmaking. I could not see any defect points in art constructions, cinematography and visual/sound editing throughout the movie.

Story is that Insia is a 14 year-old from Vadodara who dreams of being a singer one day meets outlaw, talented singer, actor, producer Shakti Kumar to achieve her dream and solve domestic conflict between her weak mother and her extreme conservative father.

Main conflict is Insia, her mother and her father's domestic problem which is typical feudalistic sexism against women. Her mother Najma was forced to marry with her husband Farookh who is a brutal tyrant in the extremely conservative family. India was also at verge of termination when Najma was going to born Insia due to Farookh's harsh opposition for female child. Later it reveals Farookh required abortion of Insia. Thus, their love with Farookh is nothing, it is empty.

I mostly impressed by Najma and Shakti Kumar because they are necessary key persons for one's social success. Najma as her mother had kept supporting her daughter's dream come true under long domestic violence from Farookh who opposed that. And Shakti is really influential, established producer who holds production machines in the industry finds Insia's artistic talent from D.I.Y. Youtube song videos made by the Secret Superstar. The two factors are typical and essential for Insia's success. Dir.Advait Chandan and Aamir Khan successfully criticised and converted traditional family ethical values from the extremely conservative sexism to the democratic modern family values in this entertainment movie. This is not an Art Film at all! It is truly realistic and genre minded successful filmmaking with well written story. I was astonished by this film and realized that true film is just like this!

Any Westerners who ignore Asian filmmaking are doomed to loose the future of historical new horizon and center for cinematic art in the earth. More opportunities are going to be in Asia. Racial bias can't win over Asians.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 10 / 10

Simple but powerfully acted, sweet but not syrupy.

Saw this first day in a theater with my family. Aamir once again proves he is one of the few finest actors in Bollywood today. Very convincingly n nicely he fits into every character he plays, no matter the screen time. He is magnificent, but he does not carry the weight of this film on his own. A slue of other fine actors give absolutely divine performances, especially Zaira Wasim. The story centers around a 15 year old girl. The film highlights her talents while also showing the painful problems that comes with being a female in a patriarchal society. Beautifully acted, sweet but not syrupy and perfect for a break from all the holiday madness, Secret Superstar is a true gem.

Reviewed by dineshprakash 8 / 10

Delicious slice of life

Mr. Advait Chandan has done very fine work as a writer and director. Every minute detail is taken care but it makes film slow sometimes, especially in first half. Without being violent, this film smarty and effectively tackles, sensitive issues like domestic violence and female feticide. Story was very clear but screenplay and dialogues induce life in it. Characterization is very intelligently conceived. Initially old grad mother seems filler but when she tells Insiya, about her mother's plight, you feel that no one could have been better than her to do it. Younger brother also looks just added to show a family but when his gift secret got reveled to her sister, it was very touching which clearly established family bonding. Due to clear cut vision of characterization and details, film became lively. Like teacher giving home tuition while peeling peas. Undertone love track starts with very abrupt note but till end you feel its cute, worthy and fresh. Insia couldn't able to sing in studio her first song, where lots of oomph was asked, which again balances her character because she was in restrict upbringing. Her point of view to music director showcases her character intelligence while realizing and accepting her point of view, established soft side of rude music director, it leads great bonding between them. In very first scene of mother and daughter, covered bruise mark on mother's eye, establishes, three main characters, mother, daughter and father, smartly. First half is good but slow at places, second half is very good with lots of emotional quotient. Performance wise Amir Khan is brilliant. He has been sculpting characters in the way that in future performance lovers will take inspiration and reference. This character was out of his comfort zone but he achieved it. Zaira Wasim as Insia is first rate. She is cute, fiery yet vulnerable. In climax or when parting away from friend, her lines and expression make your eyes moist. Meher Vij as his mother is impressive. Her chemistry is so good that you feel that she is real mother and wife. Raj Arjun as her father Farookh, is mind blowing. In his first scene, he puts eye drops and squeezes his nostril, like it happens in real life. He will terrorize you without a word. Kabir Sajid as Guddu and Tirth Sharma as Chintan's performances, are cute and endearing. 'Nachdi Phira' and 'O Re Manwa' tracks are melodious. Credit goes to music director Amit Trivedi and lyricist Kausar Munir.

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