Scream and Scream Again


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Christopher Lee as Fremont
Vincent Price as Dr. Browning
Peter Cushing as Major Heinrich Benedek
Peter Sallis as Schweitz

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Reviewed by manchester_england2004 9 / 10

Underrated British horror film starring three great legends!

For reasons I've never understood, this film has been considered a failure by many. To me it's a success and this is why it's garnered a cult following in more recent times.

There's plenty of intrigue and mystery as three seemingly separate plots come together. One plot concerns a wrestler who wakes up in what seems like a hospital. He's confined and finds a limb missing each time he wakes up from sleeping. Another plot concerns a military officer in what seems to be a country in Eastern Europe. He uses illegal torture methods to extract information and his superiors find out. The final plot concerns a series of murders of young women, whose bodies are found with puncture marks on their wrists, similar to those of a vampire. As the film goes on, we discover that there are reasons for these three separate plots and it all comes together very well, with a few interesting twists and turns on the way.

For a horror film, this is brimming with action scenes, including car chases, chases on foot, fight scenes and more. The whole thing moves along at a brisk pace and is never boring. Director Gordon Hessler manages to create tension and suspense very effectively and without padding out the film with unnecessary or overlong scenes.

I have read the Peter Saxon novel on which the film is based. The novel is not quite as exciting as the film but is a great read and follows the same "three plot" structure as the film. It's short and to the point and also fast-paced. The film follows it very closely, except for the ending. I prefer the ending in the film and this is one of the many ways the film improved things.

It's great to have Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing all in one film, even if only two of the three actually share a scene. The film would still be great if only two of these three horror legends were in it. Cushing's performance is the best of the three even though his character is less interesting than those played by the other two and he has less to do than either. But Price and Lee are at the top of their game too. Price's character is the most interesting because we're not sure whether he's a true villain, or just a misguided likable man. The film keeps you guessing until the end.

Special mention of Alfred Marks must be made. He's simply brilliant to watch in this film as the police superintendent in charge of solving the "vampire murders" as they are dubbed. Marks was a comedy actor with a flair for dry wit and is given plenty of funny lines that allow him to put these talents to good use.

Christopher Matthews delivers a great performance as a doctor who carries out post-mortems on dead bodies for the police but finds himself taking a much more personal interest in the mysteries around him. His character becomes more prominent in the second half and I like the way he went from being a minor character to a major one. It's perhaps easier to pull this off in books and video games rather than on film so kudos to the script writer.

Overall, SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN is a briskly-paced horror film with lots of action, great acting and direction, and some great twists and turns in the story. Highly recommended for all fans of British horror.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

An unusual British horror film with lots of outre elements worth tuning in for

An exciting, if superficial, slice of adventure from 1970, and in a classic contemporary '60s fashion - witness the numerous disco scenes if you need any proof of this. The film was widely advertised as bringing together the three top names in horror - Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Christopher Lee, but the campaign was something of a fabrication, seeing as Cushing only appeared in a tiny, one-scene role, and Price and Lee only shared one brief scene together. However, that doesn't detract from the film at all - it's a very entertaining romp, with lots of reasons to watch. One of which is the '60s ambiance, the fashions, jazz music, and everything are all very dated and therefore fun to watch.

Unfortunately, the story itself is very confusing and doesn't make much sense. The location of the pseudo-Nazi organisation is never specified (is it in this country or what?) and who works for who and why is never fully explained. However there are a number of great scenes to watch this film for. The first is the opening, where a jogger loses his leg (and the rest of his limbs throughout the film) to provide Price with his necessary materials for his research. Also, halfway through the film there is an excellent long chase scene, which starts off by car, becomes a chase through a deserted building, then through a quarry. The suspect rips off his own hand and jumps into an acid bath, how cool is that? Witness the policeman who dips his hand into the acid overact amusingly "My hand! It burns!".

This film is a lot of fun because it seems like nobody is really taking it seriously, especially Price who obviously has his tongue firmly inside his cheek here, he looks as if he's enjoying the mad scientist role a lot though and camps it up hilariously. Cushing and Lee don't have much to do, but Cushing does play the role of an army commander very well, while Lee looks dapper in his hat and with his umbrella. The blond-haired hero is played by Christopher Matthews, whom you may remember from THE SCARS OF Dracula (then again, maybe not...), and his acting is woodenly faultless. It's also fun to spot a lot of other actors in minor roles, from Peter Sallis to Yutte Stensgaard.

The rest of the cast is also good, especially Alfred Marks as the superintendent, portraying his policeman in that essential early '70s fashion (makes jokes, harsh with his staff, dedicated to his role). This is an enjoyable British film with a hammy (what else?) performance from Vincent Price and a lot of action. Prudists beware, there is an awful lot of nudity in this film, which is somewhat surprising, but 1970 was the year when things began to become less stringent. If you're feeling down then watch this film, it's guaranteed to cheer you up. A minor classic.

Reviewed by GL84 6 / 10

Missed opportunity, becomes just decent

After a series of graphic murders, a London police sergeant investigating the crimes find them to be committed by assembled beings created by a mad doctor forging them for a Communist country's eventual takeover and tries to stop them from continuing.

Aside from being a collection of horror legends in one movie, this is actually one of their lesser roles. One of the main points here is that the film is mostly known for having three great horror stars of the time in it's cast, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. It's the latter that holds the most screen time, and his role as a doctor that actually wants to do good with his creations instead of evil was creative and put a new spin on an idea that most were expecting where Price is the villainous creator of what goes around killing people. It's still a nominal bad-guy role, but it's a bit closer to the side of good than evil. It does have some other fun scenes here setting up the mod-flavored London scene of the late 60s which sets up the fine, brutal attacks here in that time-frame quite well as those are quite brutal and somewhat nicely rely on that era's account of brutality. The movie doesn't have much else going for it until the middle third where it contains a nice car chase that is full of some new ideas of the cars zooming through traffic on the road that make it a far more remarkable than most car chases of the time and is all the more fun with the follow-up series of encounters along the buildings nearby that show his exceptional skills and provide the first clues to his true nature. It's only other important point here comes from the investigation into their abilities and some results have been found that sets up a rather nice mystery which does hold up quite nicely and stays intriguing enough throughout here. These are the film's positives which are mostly undone by several flaws. The biggest issue against this is that the film is very confusing it hardly gets any clearer until late with a large portion of the film spent with the only thing we know is a series of gruesome killings and the police don't know anything about how to stop the killer or the motives behind them. It's very aggravating when something happens and nothing is answered. Even still, nothing is confusing than the subplots that really go nowhere. There was a strange organization with a swastika- ish logo featured in the beginning, the random scenes with Lee just randomly thrown into the beginning and the utter confusion over what the society actually is which really makes no sense and is never explained what their target is supposed to be which makes these so confusing overall. Likewise, with all the scenes set in the swinging-mod London there's not a whole lot here that actually becomes a horror film until the mid-way which leaves this one somewhat boring in the first half with the lame pacing and confusion over everything. As well, just because Price is the first name listed in the credits doesn't mean he has a lot of screen time. In fact, all of the top three are all in there for about a combined ten minutes, Cushing for the least amount of time so seeing it for them might be problematic. Otherwise there's not much else to this one.

Today's Rating/PG-13: Violence and Brief Nudity.

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