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Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers
Diedrich Bader as Mrs. Vanders
Grey Griffin as Daphne Blake
Mindy Cohn as Velma Dinkley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Scooby Doo meets Frankenstein in a tale of spooky fun!

As a huge Scooby Doo fan since forever, Scooby Doo! Frankencreepy as well as one of the most unique Scooby Doo films, it is one of the most entertaining and the darkest since Zombie Island. It's not quite one of the best like Zombie Island, Witch's Ghost, Goblin King and Big Top Scooby Doo but it is a long way from the bottom(for me it's Monster of Mexico), ranking the film it does compare favourably. Unfortunately, as well as being the unique, entertaining and dark it is probably the most controversial Scooby Doo film with the allegations against it of fat/body shaming in a negative way once Daphne is cursed. While it is understandable as to why people would think that, to me the film is unfairly criticised for it and the allegations, some may be offended and others will say that it is not that damaging(personally it's the latter), can easily be argued against.

Nobody says anything really mean to her in the film, in fact they especially Fred are accepting to how she looks and love her the way she is(in a way that didn't come across as false), and Daphne at least acknowledges that it's a problem(it would have been much more offensive I feel if she was in denial about it). Sure she does look bigger than a size 8 but I took that as mirroring how it was part of Daphne's imagination and that she saw herself as bigger than she actually was especially when compared to usual(which is common in people who like Daphne constantly worry about how they look). One Amazon reviewer says that the film does address the idea of the line between being comfortable with your weight and being in denial that it's unhealthy being blurred, and I certainly agree with that. Weight is a very sensitive issue and along with disabilities shows people at their most prejudicial, and the film did their best handling it. Again this paragraph was not intended to discredit anybody's opinion, it's just my take.

Putting all that aside there is not much at all that is wrong with Scooby Doo! Frankencreepy. From personal opinion it did feel rushed in places, with a constantly moving back and forth bounce pace, the opening was a tad jumbled, and the final solution has too much going on with the feeling of more than one ending rolled into one, a similar problem I had with Stage Fright. But the animation is excellent with colours that are colourful and rich in atmosphere, loved the mix of classic Scooby Doo and the What's New Scooby Doo? style. The camera shots are interesting and inventive, unlike any technique you find in any other Scooby Doo film, though they occasionally interrupt the flow. The music is both atmospheric and groovy and the dialogue crackles with energy with the endearingly goofy jokes having that classic Scooby Doo vibe while keeping things current. The story always engages and is very eventful with a real attempt to not make things too convoluted and not have loose ends, it also never feels predictable or obvious with the revelations being a complete surprise to me.

What was particularly good about Scooby Doo! Frankencreepy was its merging of classic Scooby Doo and contemporary Scooby Doo. Anybody who sees this film will really enjoy the classic Gothic horror elements it has; There is the Frankenstein influence, but there are the spooky castles, a hunch-backed assistant, a creepy house-keeper and a ghost in a very characteristic Scooby Doo fashion. There is some violence, more than usual for Scooby Doo, with explosions, fires, chases, Velma with a chainsaw and axe, close calls and fights but not to the extent where it's scary or sadistic. The characters drive the film really well and shine with their quirks and individualities, their back-stories intriguing. Their personalities are fresh but not once seeming too out of character. Velma is the most interesting and likable she has been in quite some time and not annoying like she was in Mask of the Blue Falcon(which is still one of the better Scooby films) and could be in Mystery Incorporated. Scooby and Shaggy are still as lovable as they ever were and their friendship still charms. The villains have a real creepiness especially the one who is eerily reminiscent of Old Iron Face from The Scooby Doo Show.

The voice acting is terrific. No big names, just veteran voice actors(Frank Welker being the longest-serving, having voiced Fred since the very beginning 45 years ago) filling their roles perfectly, since Matthew Lillard has been voicing Shaggy he has been a worthy replacement for Casey Kasem(if not quite as good, Kasem WAS Shaggy). Scooby Doo fans will also enjoy the additions on the DVD of the Scooby Doo Where Are You? episodes A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts and To Switch a Witch, two of the better episodes of that series. All in all, a very entertaining Scooby Doo film with plenty of spooky fun to be had. 7.5/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by maureen_smith5 8 / 10

Some interesting twists than other Scooby Doo stories.

I have always loved Scooby Doo whether its films or TV shows and I have to say this though not the most funny or exciting has many nice touches and twists that make Frankencreepy one of the most interesting SC films ever released. Scooby and the gang head to Transylvania(not that one but one in Pennsylvania)to visit a castle Velma has inherited but very odd things happen both before and after they get there that affects them all in very different ways. I won't go into too much details of the movie but just to say the cast as always were wonderful(especially legendary Frank Welker as Scooby and Fred,Matthew Lillard as Shaggy and Grey DeLisle as Daphne)and very funny in places(especially moments as always with Shaggy and Scooby plus Daphne)and had superb scenes with the characters getting affected by a strange curse(Fred losing his mind over the Mystery Machine's destruction,Daphne losing her confidence over her weight,Velma changing into a mad scientist and both Scooby and Shaggy gaining courage but losing their amazing appetite)plus as for every Scooby adventure the animation was stunning and vibrant and hasn't lost it after all these years of stories. Another winner from Warner Bros and for this still majestic five team of funny,clever and courageous friends(well not so much Scoob and Shaggy of course).

Reviewed by generationofswine 6 / 10

An Honest Review

On one hand it was boring....

But on the other hand, Transylvania, Pennsylvania is sort of a classic Scooby location, at least in spirit, so there is that attempt to appeal to the old Scooby Fans.

And the towns people were a great source of humor, especially their exchanges with Velma's family, so again, there is that working out for it.

And the plot twisted enough to seem like a Classic Scooby cartoon.

the downside is, few of the jokes really stuck and the songs were so-so. The humor just wasn't there to save it and with Scooby, the movies can't be sold on plot alone, people are fans because they are kid-scary and funny at the same time.

Frankencreepy just wasn't really funny.

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