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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thy Davideth 7 / 10

Gooey Gooey Rich And Chewy

I hate reviewing these kinds of movies. If they do nothing more than JUST entertain then my reviews come out boring and gay. Well here we go........ Scarecrows is an action horror movie. Where the film shines is the gore and action and some of its horror elements. The gore effects are primitive and great. CGI sucks long penis. Let downs are the story. The mystique surrounding the scarecrows was meaningless and stupid. Sure they are creepy, but if there is no REASON then what is the [email protected]$&ing point. "Oh look. Scarecrows come to life without reason. Oh I'm scared." Shut up you [email protected]$$y. Anyways, this was a fun creepy, gory movie even if the concept was retarded.

Reviewed by hellholehorror 4 / 10

Lacked flair

"If I were a crow I'd be somewhere else." I wanted to like this so much. I had wanted to see it for a long time and really thought that it would be a great little horror movie. The first thing that I noticed was that the film looked poo. It had all the technical problems with VHS and DVD. So basically it looked bad. If the picture and sound were a better quality then I might have enjoyed it more. Ignoring the technical quality I would still have to say that this is not a great film. I thought that it would be scary and it rarely was. It all looked very amateurish but that could have been ignored if it shined and it didn't. Comparing it to Shrooms (2006), this had the originality vote but Shrooms had the quality of production vote and neither amounted to anything good but this gets a better score because it was something different and that is more important. It lacked flair but was bad and that made it good. Not scary like it should have been.

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

A tad overrated, but still a good movie

After a daring escape from a military base, a group of robbers comes upon a small, abandoned house in a cornfield, and after trying to make an escape find the scarecrows in the field are alive and hunting them down one by one forcing them to deal with the creatures.

This might be a little bit undeserving of its status as a cult classic, but it's still genuinely creepy. One of the best things about this film is that it conjures up an effective and genuinely creepy atmosphere here with a lot to really like about it. This mainly comes from the mystery surrounding the scarecrows which is absolutely creepy, as nothing is really given about where they come from, who put them there and what they are, making this a rather intriguing offering with this fine set-up at the heart of the film creating a rather imposing source of fear. Likewise, they look just right and the aura created from them is remarkable with their hand-made feel, blank expressions and burlap faces creating an air of menace to go along with all the mystery bits held over from the beginning so a lot of its success is based on the scarecrows. So much is derived from them and their look that they literally carry the film in the beginning where the first romp through the stalks is a very long, drawn-out sequence built around the faces and suspense from the scarecrows. It's other action scenes, from the encounters out in the cornfields where the creatures prove impervious to bullets or the scarecrows coming after them in their hideout make for a lot of rather fun scenes utilizing their appearance even further. The frantic finale, where the last remaining members must fight their way through the growing number of creatures in order to get away, gives this a nicely thrilling finish putting all the focus where it should be during that sequence. The other big plus is the strong kills, which are brutal and feature a good dose of blood when they occur, which all manage to hold this one up over its minor flaws. There are several things in here that don't really sit all that well. The most aggravating is that the majority of conversations were held over headsets, and often times made it seem like no one on-screen was actually speaking. It's incredibly irritating and makes it completely disjointed when you hear the majority of the conversations over headsets with the garbled functions and lack of actual conversations being carried out on- screen. This makes it worse as it's during the best part of the film as this happens during the search for the missing money and manages to really highlight the film's weak budget with its simplistic storyline really coming out in full force. There's also the big factor here in that the film really makes it obvious that there's an uncut version around that is far gorier than what is given, as what's on display is kinda choppy at times and looks like it was edited. Outside of these small nit-picks, this wasn't all that bad.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

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