Saw IV


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Dina Meyer as Detective Allison Kerry
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison Corday
Devon Bostick as Derek
Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brendon Kenny 3 / 10

If it ain't broke... torture it some more

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Another year, another instalment of this 'if it ain't broke, torture it some more' franchise. For fans of the series, and sick little puppies in general, there are plenty of the contrived traps and grisly ways of disposing of hapless victims, even though Jigsaw (the villain of the first three) is now dead. Needless to say, if you couldn't face the previous films, then this is unlikely to win you over – in fact, if you haven't seen the previous instalments, avoid this entry as it's so embroiled in it's convoluted plot line it'll leave newcomers completely bewildered.

Reviewed by MaximumMadness 9 / 10

"Saw IV" injects new blood into the series... A fantastic and fiendish fourth chapter!

Like many fans, I was crest-fallen by the ending of last year's "Saw III." I assumed that with basically every main character dead, there would be no way of continuing the series.

I was wrong.

"Saw IV", from director Darren Lynn Bousman ("Saw II" and "III"), and writers Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and Thomas Fenton (taking over for series veteran Leigh Whannell) delivers a story that is thrilling, poignant and disturbing, taking the series in a slightly different direction in terms of tone and style, while at the same time retaining the mood that made the first three films unique.

It is honestly very hard to summarize the story without revealing the many twists and turns, but here I go: Jigsaw and Amanda are dead. However, during the autopsy of Jigsaw's body, an audio tape is discovered in his stomach. Detective Hoffman (who you may remember from a brief cameo in "Saw III") hears the tape, that warns Jigsaw's games will continue...

At the same time, SWAT leader Rigg (of "Saw II" and "III") has become a shell of a man. Everyone he works with and treasures as friends have been killed. He is becoming reckless... burnt out and hollow.

However, something sinister is about to happen... and Rigg will have to play a part in a fiendish new game orchestrated by Jigsaw, who despite being dead, is still the master puppeteer of morals and torture.

That is the basic plot line in a nutshell. However, don't be fooled. Though he is dead, Jigsaw is still very much an important part of the story. We get numerous flashbacks of him before his transformation into the brilliant madman we know from previous films, and see exactly what events triggered his desire to turn... If you think his only problem was the cancer inside, think again... There is much more to be discovered about John Kramer... And I think there is still more to the character to explore in future films...

There are also other new characters, including Jigsaw's ex, and a pair of FBI agents, who complicate the movie (in a good way), by creating numerous intersecting sub-plots.

But onto the real fun of the series... The traps. I, personally, loved every trap in this film. We get to witness Jigsaw's first effort (which I can only say is painful in many different ways), and we get new, disturbing and complicated set-ups... While the film might not have the "ouch" factor that past traps (paticularly "The Rack" from "III") might have had, they are certainly gory and zany enough to keep everyone entertained and revolted at the same time. In fact, I would say the audience I saw the film with (a sold-out theater at 10:25 opening night) had the best reactions I have ever seen with a film. Bravo to the filmmakers! There were really very few down-points in the film, for me. I ate-up everything that I saw, and loved just about every second of it!

Also, the numerous twists and turns throughout kept me reeling. And for once, I can honestly say I did not see the (series staple) twist ending coming... A real shocker!

And while I did miss some of the characters from previous installments (I wish Shawnee Smith's Amanda could have gotten more screen time), the new characters have so much promise and potential, I can forgive any complaints I might have.

Here's to "Saw IV"... A frenzied and freakish sequel that has only fueled my hunger for future installments! 9 out of 10!

Reviewed by gunnardsamek 5 / 10

Kinda Boring

This movie was a little bit on the boring side. While it was interesting to pick up more of John Kramer's/Jigsaw's backstory (along with his ex-wife and lawyer), everything surrounding it was rather underwhelming. An integral part of the Saw franchise is the traps. What makes these interesting is that they are meant to teach a lesson to the one being tortured; there is always a way to come out of the trap alive with a new found appreciation for life. However in Saw IV, it seems that the traps don't always offer a way to free oneself and learn a lesson. I feel as though this defeats the purpose of an otherwise interesting way for John to justify his killings. I'd give this movie a 5/10 for its overall levels of boredom, despite its development to Jigsaw's story.

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