Saw II


Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
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Cary Elwes as Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Dina Meyer as Detective Allison Kerry
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison Corday
Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Justin 2 / 10

Illogical situations all for the sake of shock

So I just watched Saw 2 not long ago, and basically, it's not worth the money I put down on the DVD. Not that I care cause I had that cash sitting in my wallet for quite some time and needed something meaningless to spend it on, but I think that money could have gone towards something more suitable (like gas money).

Basically, the entire movie is nothing, but twists with the intention of making the audience "think" when the twist ending happens. So people will go back and look at the entire movie and what lead to the ending (much like the first). The only difference is, this one completely sucked, whereas the first was at least watchable. Not that the first one was worth anything more than one viewing ever, but at least it did achieve the whole "twist" ending and was an enjoyable one at that.

So what is the major problem with Saw 2? It's so wrapped up in itself with trying to have twists or shocks, that it's all complete nonsense. Also, the script is really bad, especially for the character of John/Jigsaw/old guy with cancer. Basically, all of his lines are metaphors that are completely irrelevant to the situation at hand to make him seem "wise." His background story for why he does what he does is such crap. He survived suicide so he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to putting people into situations where there is a sure chance of death, but HERE'S THE CATCH! He doesn't actually kill people! OH MY GOD! This movie is genius! pure cinematic genius! Give me a break.

Also, the movie has quite terrible acting. The first had some really bad acting, but compared to this one, the first Saw has Oscar worthy performances. The dialogue was bad enough, but bad actors playing clichéd characters makes not only for a mess of a film, but makes it very boring.

The directing is nothing spectacular either. It's the same typical MTV music video, quick cutting, fancy filter crap that you see in a lot of mainstream American horror movies these days.

Then there are all those twists. What is the point? I really wasn't shocked by any of it, and in fact, I was thinking to myself, "Isn't it obvious?" the whole movie. The ending, I will admit, surprised me. Not to say that's a good thing. Because unlike the first one that had me wondering about the whole movie, the ending in this one had me asking questions and compromising the integrity of the plot. Questions like, "How come it wasn't reported sooner that eight people were missing? How could a cancer patient and a girl achieve all that work? Where are they disposing the bodies? Why are the bodies from Saw 1 still lying around? Why did I actually spend money on this? Why does this movie remind me so much of Cube?" Questions such as that.

Speaking of Cube, this movie borrows HEAVILY from it. Cube (though that had its holes as well) was at least much smarter and more clever as far as its plot. Cube and Saw 2 are a lot alike because it's basically the same situation, only Saw 2 isn't sci-fi, with a bigger budget, and isn't good. People are trapped where they must solve puzzles to get past death traps in a certain amount of time before it's too late. Saw 2 and Cube do share one common bond though. They completely fall apart near the end.

Yeah, there's really not much good to say about Saw 2. Even the DVD packaging is terrible. I felt like I was watching another no named direct to video horror movie made solely for Blockbuster rental, but the difference is those movies have never seen the same promotion that this got. How this movie has a high rating on IMDb is beyond me. I love horror movies (and have seen some really bad ones in my time) and this one is not much better than some of those. This movie is not worth the time. Rent the first one, watch it once, leave the Saw franchise alone from that moment on.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

The game continues, and just as disturbing if not as puzzling

Finally saw all the 'Saw' films prior to seeing 'Jigsaw' (as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible this year, during a quieter and less intensive period). Heard a lot about the films, good and bad, but wanted to see them for myself to know what to expect.

The films as an overall series are a very mixed bag. The original 'Saw' had a great premise and while it was problematic it was still pretty good and one of the best in the series. Its first sequel is one of its few follow-ups to be just as good and contain what made its predecessor click as well as it did and, while it is full of its own problems, it is one of the better sequels by quite some way. It is very easy to see why people will dislike it, and the 'Saw' films in general, and no it is not because of the full throttle horror-like elements that are not for the faint hearted.

'Saw II's' story is just as weak in the dialogue, here quite cheesy, half-baked and repetitive as well as at times rambling and sometimes irrelevant. Actually it's worse, at least the dialogue in the first 'Saw' had some tightness and intrigue, even if they didn't come consistently. The credibility lapses here are just as numerous and just as big, although the character behaviour here doesn't frustrate as much, nothing as bad as that for Danny Glover's character.

Its twists are not as bold and are uneven in execution. Some of them are very clever and devilish, like the apprehending of Jigsaw, didn't see that one coming. Others are plain stupid and pretty predictable. The ending is a let-down, instead of the shocking one of the original this one was hideously contrived. The characters, other than Jigsaw and Eric, are basically cliché-ridden filler and are either bland, irritating or both.

However, really liked that 'Saw II' was visually more elaborate and slicker than the production values of the first with much tighter, more audacious and more professional-looking editing. Even if one does miss somewhat the effectively claustrophobic feel. The music is eerily unsettling.

Despite its ridiculousness, the story is also edge-of-your-seat and highly atmospheric. A lot of it delights and disturbs, with some truly imaginative traps and uncompromisingly brutal demises. The novelty has not worn off yet. The direction is serviceable and once again Jigsaw's modus operandi, impulse and justification sets him apart from most characters of his type.

Saying that Donnie Wahlberg is a huge improvement over Cary Elwes is saying a lot, really not that hard to be better and one would have to be bottom of the barrel SyFy/The Asylum-level to be worse. Tobin Bell is terrifying as one of the most iconic villains of the past twenty years or so (or at least to me). Apart from Franky G the actors don't fare shabbily.

In short, very uneven but for a horror sequel not bad at all. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Davis P 4 / 10

Not too impressive

Saw II (2005) is of course the sequel to the famous Saw (2004). This sequel didn't really impress me all that much. I'll start with what I didn't really care for in the movie. One of the negatives about the movie is some of the cast members acting ability. Tobin Bell and Donnie Wahlberg both turn in good performances, but to be honest, the other actors just didn't really sell me on their performances or pull me into it the movie more. Another one of the negatives is that the movie as a whole isn't all that interesting. The first Saw movie is undoubtedly the best in the series, and it surpasses this second installment. To be completely honest, if you watch Saw for the traps, then you probably won't like this one, the jigsaw traps aren't that interesting or creative at all. The characters, except for Detective Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) and his teenage son, don't have much depth at all, which made me not really care about them very much. The writing is slightly below average. So all in all, Saw II gets a 4/10, just not a very entertaining film. I don't even think fans of the Saw films would enjoy it very much.

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