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Reviewed by masonfisk 7 / 10


An episodic account of a philanthropic art lover trying to save a Banksy public work plays like an ongoing chapter that began w/Exit Through the Gift Shop. Coming on the heels of HBO's Year of Banksy, a doc which followed Banksy month long art exhibit in New York, one of the storylines followed one of Banksy's works taken by some opportunistic money grabbers & the art dealer who becomes their mouthpiece. Although it is a double edged sword of an artist painting works in the public hoping to leave a mark in the world only to have the same public take the work to profit from it, one comes away feeling conflicted. A good view but where does it end?

Reviewed by westsideschl 8 / 10

Time & Art

This is the second doc in the past couple of years discussing Banksy and also a worthy contributor to those who are distant from, yet interested in, his drawings. As an alternative school teacher I sometimes would take ss on graffiti wall art tours (and/or Rocky Horror showings) so I have a little appreciation. And, to be up front, not all wall tags are positive contributors to a wall. Many are just self- aggrandizement and show little respect toward the people who own that wall or passers viewing their scribblings. It's another double edged sword issue.

Should those drawings be saved; sold or erased? Well, the answer is in one's personal definition of art. Some view art like everything else in life - temporary and at some point will no longer exist - so why bother! Others say the role of art (or all human endeavours) is to see if we can improve toward some idealized state of being/mind/behaviour thus art (or anything that helps in that journey) should be saved & promoted. Does Neanderthal wall art help us when we happen upon it in a cave and ponder what it tells us about humanity tens-of- thousands of years ago?

What Banksy did with the Palestinian wall drawings may help ease Palestinian, by analogy, ever decreasingly sized Indian reservation style imprisonment. Only time …

What Brian Grief is trying to do in putting one up for public tour is no different than a thousands-of-years old Egyptian or Chinese sculpture on tour to peoples around the world that offers first-hand experience of an event well beyond anything they are likely to ever experience. Or that fossil of a dinosaur in transition to bird (Archaeopteryx) being viewed in person. As is often said - let time be that judge. There's truth in art, established over time. But, can time get it wrong?

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

An Interesting Take on Street Art

Internationally known graffiti artist Banksy left his mark on San Francisco. This act of vandalism would spark a chain of events that includes one of his rats being removed from a wall, museums ignorantly turning down a free Banksy street work, and a New York gallery director who has made it his business model to remove Banksy street works from all over the globe doing whatever it takes to get the rat in his possession.

I suppose I would consider myself a fan of street art. I enjoy pop art in general and much of what these street artists do -- Banksy included -- is very eye-catching. There is no doubt in my mind that he is worthy of being in a museum. But some interesting points are raised here.

Mostly: Who owns the art? If the canvas used is a home or business and no permission was given, does the art become the property of the homeowner? This seems to make sense. But many other legal and moral ramifications abound -- if the art is illegal, can anyone own it at all?

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