Savage Dog


Action / Drama

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Scott Adkins as Martin
Keith David as Valentine
Vladimir Kulich as Steiner
Marko Zaror as Rastignac
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by white_insane 2 / 10

Savage Filming not Savage Dog

I'll keep this brief, the movie itself could've been much better, story was on point for a revenge action packed movie but....acting, no chemistry between any characters, blood effects from 1960's like you are watching monthy python it just ruins the movie even more. Scott is a great fighting actor and for most of the fight scenes many moves are repeted constantly which makes even those scenes not worth watching, his skills could be utilized much better, I guess director didn't have a clear vision of the movies since I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Clearly a waste of time...oh well sometimes you need to do that to I guess.

Reviewed by nikola17 10 / 10

It's Fun Bloody Action Movie That Should Have Been A Bigger Budget

Sadly don't let anyone stop you from watching this movie it's awesome kickass, Bloody, lots and lots Brutal R RATING KICKASS MOVIE it's soo good and great cast i wish this was a bigger movie with massive budget i never care who hates this movie this rating F*CK Rating who knows what people like these days ?? This a fun kickass movie that would blow you away and believe me not rating it may sound funny but just believe me it's fun film it may look strange but still fun Brutal action scenes it's a lot of fun for Action fans just for Action Fans ? well not really it's for everyone.

i thought the cast kick ass i love cast Scott Adkins Everyone who he is BOYKA Undisputed 2,3,4 and First 2 Ninja movies, Close Range, Hard Target 2 but expect Hard Target Van Damme is better, El Gringo. great movies soo good and MMA Star Cung Le, Dragon Eyes, Certain Justice AKA Puncture Wounds, are really good movies. Marko Zaror is again Villain in another Scott Adkins Undisputed III, Machete Kills, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season 3. (Keith David) They Live, Thing, Marked for Death. just a great cast in movie but not just that story and action was soo well made very well shot then any bigger budget movies made today. story mainly is simple it's about story set in Indochina in 1959, a land beyond rule and a time without mercy and the birth of a legend Martin Tillman (Scott Adkins) Who Got out Jail then sent to Fighting Tournament OK everyone it's not Undisputed Boyka thing it's different he become famous from fighting he was undefeated. he had a Special Girl who comes to visit Isabelle (Juju Chan) who is love with Martin, He Goes To Bar, the Bar Owner was Valentine (Keith David) who gives him a Job to be a Bouncer At Bar the fight scenes is soo good, soo good well shot camera was keeping still where you can see fight scenes perfectly. (Cung Le) Boon was in movie he was their but not much but he was Villain Henchmen who has a daughter he is a Nazi Steiner (Vladimir Kulich) who was in Equalizer, Smokin Aces, 13 Warrior. he is a General. Rastignac (Marko Zaror) is in the all movie he is another main villain in movie just like in Undisputed III he is good villain in movie i would say i liked his Knife very nice looking of Knife he has. then later on middle of movie the action the gore the Brutal IT'S ON turns you ON OF ACTION AND FUN IT is it's soo Watchable movie more then that it's so enjoyable for Scott Adkins Fans have to see this movie after that Scott Adkins

Chops up people, Shooting at Bad Guys Blowing Up, very good action this is a Action film everyone give this a Look, the Blood may look bit silly of CGI Blood because it's sadly low budget movie but hey it's still fun kickass unrealistic movie ever made it's soo good i soo highly Recommended this movie since Close Range and Undisputed films he did you have many good great scenes in movie it's too much too say and a lot of a lot of Brutal Scenes in movie it's SO R RATED Completely like that in all movie like 4th Rambo Film like that but in low budget way. and yes their is Final Showdown with Scott Adkins VS Cung Le and Him Crouse Round 2 for the Colombian Raul "Dolor" Quinones (Marko Zaror) In A Bigger Better Showdown Then In Undisputed III. This is so good highly Recommended It Should be In Netflix too watch i highly recommended having this a big for 1h 34min I Understand it may look strange, it may look weird it may look bit silly but this is kickass gore to Balls Movie give it a big go !

Reviewed by disastrousdallas 10 / 10

Adkins at his brutalist

I chose to watch this film because of the leading actor alone Scott Adkins, but by the time the intro Narration was finished i was hocked to continue watching.

Whilst most of Scott Adkins's films I've seen are directed by Issac Florentine, this was the first I saw that didn't, whilst the film is still great it proves that only Florentine knows how to truly direct Adkins.

For fans of Undisputed III theirs a treat in the climactic end "rematch" between Adkins and Marko Zakor, the later is wonderful and oily throughout the film and you just hate his character but love the portrayal.

The story is more built up than most Films of this caliber with numerous story arcs that reach a satisfying conclusion and great acting by all involved, i cannot recommend this film enough.

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