Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 9%
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Sarah Hyland as Chloe
Justin Chon as Seth
Devanny Pinn as Goth
Steven Krueger as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lol lmao 1 / 10


I'm not a very "experienced" horror-movie-watcher, but I could tell that this movie was crap. In the first 40 minutes, a group of college students stop on their way to coachella (yeah, coachella.) and find themselves in some sort of confusing situation, when a satanist slits her throat in front of them. For the next 30 minutes, strange things happen to these college students and they freak out until one of them dies in a Port-O-Potty. This should have been the climax, but as you expect to have it build up more, the other three simply die off in the dark during a mess of more confusion(!), and bad special effects. Nothing was particularly scary, but a bunch of gross images were stuck in my head afterwards. That's all. Turns out they were sacrificed to Satan, which is anticlimactic and generic in practically every way possible. It wasn't a good movie, and I spent a majority of it watching Instagram makeup videos on my phone, as I was too bored and confused to watch it on my own.

Reviewed by aqibmomin319-40-885923 4 / 10

Analogous to what your digestive system

Started off like a fine Italian dinner with the potential to be a game-changer in the genre, but then quickly poops out and turns to shit after the climax. Never seen worse falling action in a movie. Though the callback near the end was memorable, its a truly lackluster ending overall and there's so much more they could've done with the "beautiful confusion" bit. Next time I hope the movie crew doesn't try to finish it in the same day, or at least tries to merit the same detail and attention to the latter part of the script as they do to the initial.

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10

Annoying people in a dire situation

Self inflicted one might add. Now you probably should not take them to an IQ test (not the actors, the characters they are portraying), but as with many horror movies, you don't get the witty ones who get themselves into trouble. So while it's one thing to step into almost any stupid situation one is able to step into, there is a difference on how they should be reacting. Especially to the very obvious ... Then again, would it make a difference? That's for you to decide and if you care anyway either.

So while we get paper thing characters with almost no charisma at all, there is also not one bad guy to hang your hopes upon in this either. Not to mention that all is as slow and boring as possible. Not recommended unless you really want to watch any and every horror movie

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