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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sumanan047 1 / 10

If the rest of the internet is broken and you really need to look at kittens.....

This movie was hands down AWFUL for children and for cats.

First, the story was awful. They jumped from one scene to another, without any explanation in the story progression. My question to the writer is where is the parents, the grandparents of Tommy? Why is Marcus alone in his house when he clearly has no job?

Why is the mother a bully to her child? This is not a good movie for children. So far, from my own observation, it teaches children how to establish a cultish lifestyle (i.e Marcus and his obsession with Santa), that Christmas is about presents to subdue and pacify children, such that it will prevent the apocalypse... The only character who is smart here is Tommy.

But... not that smart when he let Marcus, the neighbor keep the three kittens, when he trapped Maisy, the mother of the three kittens in a laundry bin, and shook it violently, after he trespassed onto Tommy's property! ( I say Tommy because the mother is clueless)

Also, Where is Tommy's Father????

At one point in the movie, Santa eats peanut butter cookies, of which he is severely allergic... which begs the question of Why does Santa have all this magic, and not cure his allergies, let alone turn a regular pen into an EPIpen???

Yet, Santa was saved by an EPI-pen that was kept under the sink in a dusty first-aid box, which Tommy was ordered to find, while his mother didn't have the clarity of mind to fetch it herself!!!

Also, the mother didn't notice a very large, red old man snoring on the floor three feet away from her, while the neighbor Marcus, could hear from the backyard of his home...

Is this movie bad? Yes it is. Is it so bad, that it is really good? No, it's just bad.

There were other discontinuities in the film that have not been mentioned in this review, however there are enough to test the patience of even a Buddhist Monk.

If after this review, you still want to watch this movie, then you should probably watch the sequel.

Reviewed by Jean John 1 / 10


I like Christmas movies and live with a cat. So I guess I should be a the target audience for this movie.

But the movie is terrible and unenjoyable at every level.

The production is cheap, acting is bad, and story is uninteresting. The Santa Claus character is not really likable and there is no magic about him. The premise of the movie is that Santa is allergic to cats and has pretty much every common allergy. The story takes place 95% in one house and the block around. There are only 4 characters (excluding the cats) and they are pretty much all the human beings you get to see in the movie. The movie feels really... Small.

Other reviewers say the movie is so bad it's enjoyable for laughs, or they think some of it is made in purpose. It's not. This movie will only make you cringe.

Maybe some young children could enjoy this movie, but then again, why not have them watch something of better quality that is enjoyable for all the family?

Reviewed by divyanka 2 / 10

Crappiest, Lamest, Plot less Movie

The most lame, boring, plot less movie ever seen, complete with absolutely lame actors and annoying cats. This movie is not a cute one where cute, charming cats take over. It is an extremely annoying, plot less, and arduous one to watch. The mother, in particular, was beyond limits in her level of annoyingness and bad acting. It was shocking to see her just sit there while the 'Santa Claus' was choking - one could not even tell if her look was one of concern or one of disgust and hate. The child's acting was much better than that of the adults. Santa Claus also acted well - BUT, the storyline was very poor. Nothing was coherent or synchronized well, the Santa Claus's personality was made into an annoying one, the mother was despicable from the start, the child could not act well for the life of him, and the annoying cats never took anything seriously, despite all the catastrophe. A big waste of over an hour watching this crap.


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