Santa Claus: The Movie


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Burgess Meredith as Ancient Elf
John Lithgow as B.Z.
Dudley Moore as Patch
David Huddleston as Santa Claus
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

return to sender

In the middle ages, kindly toymaker Claus and his wife Anya deliver toys to the village children. They and their reindeers, Donner and Blitzen, are caught in a snowstorm. Following prophesy, they are taken in by the elves or Vendequm led by Dooley. The Ancient One proclaims Claus, Santa Claus. As work mount, Claus elevates modern-minded Patch (Dudley Moore) as his assistant but the toys are shoddy and Patch is demoted. Claus befriends two orphans, homeless boy Joe and rich girl Corneli. Patch leaves the north pole and heads to NYC where he works for Corneli's step-uncle, corrupt toy manufacturer B.Z. (John Lithgow).

The first half is a Santa Claus origins story. It's functional but lacks much drama. David Huddleston is a big burly guy but I finally realize that he doesn't have enough jolly. Dudley Moore as an elf is silly. Maybe they should make him a drunken elf. There is a change in the middle as the movie arrives in the modern world. First off, the product placements of McDonald's and Coke are jarring. A homeless kid is ill-fitting Dickensian. Lithgow is going overboard into cartoon villainy. "Christmas II" It turns into tacky camp. If that's the point, then the movie should shorten the first half and fully embrace its tackiness.

Reviewed by Sam Panico 2 / 10

Bah humbug!

These are the kind of movies I hated as a kid - message films that told me how to feel, act and behave. This is why Godzilla and King Kong are my idea of holiday films - beasts condemned by the world who only want to destroy the works of man! Feliz navidad!

Reviewed by Marc Dalesandro 9 / 10

An Unrecognized Classic.

"Santa Claus, The Movie" is a film that my family and I watch every year at Christmas. As time goes on, I am sure it will be recognized as one of the all-time classic yuletide movies. As a Child of the 80's, this movie holds a special place in my heart, and only the presence of the superb "One Magic Christmas" (both from 1985) prevents me from giving "Santa Claus" a 10/10.

The late Dudley Moore plays the elf Patch in "Santa Claus", a sort of brilliant renegade inventor trying to become Kris Kringle's apprentice. John Lithgow overacts (wonderfully) as B.Z., the evil toy company owner who is out to use Patch's naivete (and magic powers) to take over Christmas and put Santa - who he considers competition - out of business.

The most magical scenes in the movie, however, take place at the beginning, as a mortal Claus discovers he is the Chosen One, meets the elves, and discovers what his role is going to be down through the centuries. The first flight of his sled is amazing, and the lack of fancy CGI animation is strangely welcome.

This movie has been ignored, basically because it belongs to a generation who has not yet come into its own culturally. The dominant movies are still "It's A Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Story". But, as people who grew up with those classics age, a new crop of movies will be fondly remembered. When that time comes, I am certain "Santa Claus, the Movie" and "One Magic Christmas" will be recognized as two of the best seasonal movies of all time.

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