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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gokul0801 5 / 10


Movie could have been cut short by an hour. or focused on other more interesting aspects and people in Sanju's life - his wives/family, his relationships with other big stars (Madhuri Dixit, Salman khan?).. That material is completely missing from the movie. Too much screen time for the Kamli friendship angle. Boring. The drug addiction part dragged on way too long. I wouldnt consider this movie a biopic as it was only focused on portraying Sanju as an innocent victim of the unfair media coverage. The guy has repeatedly made bad choices in his life and we are supposed to feel sorry for him. Yaawn. Melodramatic background music was annoying. Ranbir's acting was good though. Would surely win him many awards. Cant rate it more than 5 stars. but its an ok movie compared to other junk that bollywood churns out.

Reviewed by deveshmaisuria 8 / 10

Ranbir Kapoor back as an phenomenal actor

After all the wait. I finally get to see this movie up on the big screen. What I would say is that this movie is incredibly good. It gave us most of it that we all wanted to see. Ranbir Kapoor's acting is brilliant, his role playing Sanju was absolutely perfect for him to do. Sanju's friend was also one of the best things about his film because Vicky Kaushal as Sanju's best friend truly nailed his performance. For me I think that these two actors were good on screen, especially that last moment where Sanju gets out of prison and meets his friend. Other actors like Paresh Rawal was also so good as he was playing Sanjay Dutt's father. I think that he was just too good as he was on screen. If I look at the editing I would say that you really have to pay attention for the most part because this movie doesn't go from start to finish. It goes back and forth for the most part and it kind of mix things up a little bit too. But other things was the first half of the film focuses more about drugs and how Sanju struggles to battles it. The second half focuses more on Sanju going to prison and how Sanju starts making good films for his own career. This film has given more depth into the character and everything around him as how the film progresses and it really makes us feel that this everything we saw about the true Sanjay Dutt.

I would say that this movie was absolutely brilliant and how it was one of the best films in 2018 so far. I would give this movie an 8/10. Again like I said this movie has given us a in depth story of Sanjay Dutt's life. So I hope you have all enjoyed my review on the film.

Reviewed by ripujit_in 10 / 10

Wow !

Its a roller coaster ! Raju Hirani's portrayal of Sanju is a MASTERPIECE ! Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt is more Sanjay Dutt than Sanjay Dutt ! The guy is phenomenal ... flawless acting ... short of superlatives to describe his act ! Vicky Kaushal playing Sanju's best friend was amazing in his character ... plays an important role and does full justice. Paresh Rawal playing the legendary Sunil Dutt is wonderful ! Everyone else is just as good ! Hirani does a fantastic job in summarising Sanjay Dutt's biography in a 3 hour movie ... what an amazing story it is ... what an amazing life it is. Ranbir has played the role of his life in this career defining movie ! Its A Must Watch !

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